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2024-05-15 09:03:58
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YouTube Compliance with Court Order and the Implications for Free Speech in Hong Kong

YouTube has blocked access to the protest anthem Glory to Hong Kong in Hong Kong following a court order, sparking debates about freedom of expression and implications for the city's digital economy. Critics raise concerns about the impact on Hong Kong's reputation as a financial hub and global investors' confidence in the region's free market environment.

The ban highlights tensions between maintaining order and upholding free speech rights, with YouTube facing criticism for complying with the ban. The court's ruling aimed to prevent incitement to separate Hong Kong from China or insult the national anthem, while some consider the decision a threat to online free speech in the territory.

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The Guardian
15. Mai 2024 um 04:35

YouTube blocks protest anthem in Hong Kong after court order banning the song

YouTube has blocked access to 32 videos, including the protest anthem Glory to Hong Kong, in compliance with a court order in Hong Kong. The ban has sparked concerns about freedom of expression online and the city's reputation as a financial hub. Critics argue that the ban could have negative implications for Hong Kong's digital economy and global investors' confidence in the free market environment.
New York Times - Asia Pacific
15. Mai 2024 um 18:10

YouTube Blocks Access to Protest Anthem in Hong Kong

YouTube complies with a court order to block access to the protest anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong' in Hong Kong, raising concerns about free speech and tech company operations in the Chinese territory.
News - South China Morning Post
15. Mai 2024 um 02:52

YouTube complies with Hong Kong court order banning popular protest song by blocking access to 32 clips

YouTube has complied with a Hong Kong court order to ban the protest song 'Glory to Hong Kong' by blocking access to 32 clips in the city, while other versions are still available. The company is disappointed by the court's decision but is following the removal order by blocking the listed videos, considering options for an appeal to promote access to information. The court ruling banned the song to prevent incitement to separate Hong Kong from China or insult the national anthem.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
15. Mai 2024 um 05:40

Hong Kong: YouTube blocks access to opposition's protest anthem - DER SPIEGEL

The video platform YouTube blocks access to 32 video links containing the unofficial anthem of the democracy movement in Hong Kong. Following a court ruling, YouTube complies with the government's request, which has called for the ban on the protest anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong'. Critics see both freedom of speech and Hong Kong's economic status jeopardized by the ban.
9:50:13 AMCW 20


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