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US Justice Department Considers Legal Action Against Boeing for 737 Max Crash Settlement Violation

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The US Justice Department is contemplating legal action against Boeing for allegedly violating a settlement related to the 737 Max crashes, which could potentially lead to criminal charges against the aircraft manufacturer. Boeing faces scrutiny over safety concerns following a series of incidents involving its planes, with accusations that the company failed to implement a required ethics program as part of the settlement.

The Department of Justice is evaluating whether to pursue charges against Boeing after the company reportedly breached the agreement reached in 2021 to avoid prosecution related to the fatal crashes. Boeing has until June 13 to address the alleged violation and present measures to rectify the situation, as the US government reviews the compliance and ethics program implemented by the aircraft maker.

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New York Times - Business
15. Mai 2024 um 14:03

Justice Dept. Says Boeing Violated 2021 Settlement Over Max Plane

The Department of Justice accuses Boeing of violating a 2021 settlement related to issues with the 737 Max model, leading to deadly crashes. Boeing failed to implement an ethics program as required by the settlement, and the Justice Department can proceed with a criminal charge against the company.
n-tv.de Wirtschaft
15. Mai 2024 um 01:38

US to Consider Legal Action Against Boeing for Crashes Five Years Ago - n-tv.de

The US Department of Justice is considering legal action against the aircraft manufacturer Boeing for violations of an agreement reached after the deadly crashes of 737 MAX aircraft five years ago. It is being investigated whether Boeing has developed and implemented a compliance and ethics program to prevent violations of US fraud laws. The company has until June 13 to explain the violation and present measures to address the situation.
Spiegel Unternehmen & Märkte
15. Mai 2024 um 01:33

Boeing: Agreement on Immunity Void - USA Consider Lawsuit on 737 Max Crashes - DER SPIEGEL

The USA are considering criminal prosecution against the aircraft manufacturer Boeing for the two deadly crashes of 737 Max planes five years ago. The agreement on immunity that Boeing had made at that time is void according to the US Department of Justice. The incident involving an Alaska Airlines plane, in which a part of the cabin wall detached shortly after takeoff, was considered a violation of the agreement.
Thế giới - VnExpress
15. Mai 2024 um 04:25

US determines Boeing violated agreement to avoid prosecution

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) stated that Boeing violated an agreement to avoid prosecution after two accidents involving the 737 MAX aircraft. The DOJ is considering whether to bring charges against Boeing or not. In January 2021, Boeing reached a $2.5 billion settlement with the DOJ to avoid charges of fraud related to the 737 MAX accidents.


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