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2024-05-15 15:15:01

Russian Offensive in Ukraine: Zelensky Cancels Foreign Trips

Ukrainian President Zelensky cancels his planned trips to Spain and Portugal due to the ongoing Russian offensive in Ukraine. Russian troops continue to advance in the northeastern region of Kharkiv, forcing Ukrainian forces to retreat.

The situation on the front lines is deteriorating, with fierce fighting and heavy shelling. The EU is planning to impose further sanctions on financial institutions supporting the Russian military.

The White House and Pentagon officials express concerns about Russia's momentum changing the trajectory of the Ukraine war. There are doubts about Ukraine's ability to reconquer its territories and join NATO in the near future, leading to calls for a ceasefire and negotiations with the consent of all parties involved.

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n-tv.de Politik
14. Mai 2024 um 22:02

Ukraine war in live ticker: +++ 10:28 Russians advance in Northern Ukraine - Selenskyj cancels trip to Spain and Portugal +++ - n-tv.de

Ukrainian President Selenskyj cancels his planned trip to Spain and Portugal due to the new offensive by Russian invasion troops. The Ukrainian army is withdrawing at certain sections in Eastern Ukraine, while Russian commanders threaten soldiers who refuse to attack. The EU is planning another sanctions package against financial institutions supporting the Russian military.
Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Nachrichten
15. Mai 2024 um 12:00

Ukrainian President Zelensky cancels all foreign trips

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has canceled all planned foreign trips to Spain and Portugal due to the Russian offensive. The situation on the front lines in the northeast of Ukraine is deteriorating, and the Ukrainian army is under pressure. Russian troops have captured more areas in the region, while the Ukrainian forces have had to partially retreat.
n-tv.de Politik
15. Mai 2024 um 09:20

Selenskyj cancels trips: Ukrainians leaving positions at Charkiw front - n-tv.de

The Russian offensive in the northeastern Ukraine is forcing the defenders to withdraw at some locations. Ukrainian President Selenskyj has canceled his travel plans abroad. The situation at the front in the Charkiw region remains difficult.
15. Mai 2024 um 06:17

Russian Offensive in the North: Selenskyj cancels visit to Spain

Ukrainian President Selenskyj has canceled his visit to Madrid to sign an agreement on security issues due to the complex situation in Ukraine following the Russian offensive. The government in Madrid avoided officially confirming the visit, citing security reasons. Spain and the USA reiterated their support for Ukraine.
10:46:24 AMCW 20


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