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2024-05-15 15:13:44

Escalating Israeli-Gaza Conflict in Rafah: Humanitarian Crisis and International Calls for Ceasefire

As the Israeli army advances further into the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, a dire humanitarian crisis unfolds with hundreds of thousands fleeing the region and a hospital shutting down. Global concerns mount as the UN Secretary-General urges an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, while efforts to broker peace between Hamas and Israel stall.

The EU pressures Israel to end the offensive in Rafah to protect civilians, emphasizing compliance with international humanitarian law. Simultaneously, a diplomatic dispute erupts between Israel and Egypt over the Rafah border crossing, impacting aid transit and straining relations.

Amid the conflict's escalation, the US plans to send a significant weapons package to Israel, adding fuel to the ongoing violence and international legal deliberations.

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14. Mai 2024 um 20:24

Israel-Gaza War: Israeli Army advances further in Rafah - DER SPIEGEL

The Israeli army is advancing further into the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, while hundreds of thousands have left the region and a hospital had to close. UN Secretary-General Guterres expresses concern about the situation and calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. Efforts to reach a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, according to the Qatari Prime Minister, have almost come to a standstill.
15. Mai 2024 um 05:49

Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah; battles rage in northern Gaza

Israeli tanks have advanced further into Rafah, reaching residential areas where over a million people sought shelter, while also launching intense attacks in the north of Gaza. The clashes have resulted in a high death toll of 82 Palestinians in the past 24 hours, the deadliest in weeks. Ceasefire talks mediated by Qatar and Egypt are at a stalemate, and the UN Secretary-General has called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
15. Mai 2024 um 13:48

Israel-Hamas War: EU Urges Israel to Immediately End the Rafah Offensive in the Gaza Strip - DER SPIEGEL

The EU foreign policy chief calls on Israel to immediately end the military operation in Rafah in the Gaza Strip to avoid further worsening the humanitarian situation. Israeli troops have advanced deeper into the city to dismantle suspected Hamas battalions. The EU emphasizes Israel's right to self-defense but demands compliance with international humanitarian law to ensure the safety of the civilian population.
World news | The Guardian
15. Mai 2024 um 13:55

Israel and Egypt in growing diplomatic row over Rafah border crossing

Israel and Egypt are in a diplomatic row over the Rafah border crossing, with Egypt no longer participating in aid transit to Gaza and planning to join the genocide case against Israel at the UN's top court. Israel's seizure of the crossing, seen as a breach of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, has resulted in a blockage of aid and strained relations between the two countries. Egypt is balancing sympathy for Palestinians with its concerns about Israel's control over Gaza's borders.
9:52:18 AMCW 20


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