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2024-04-16 10:03:34

Understanding the Impacts of Bitcoin Halving on Supply Dynamics and Market Sentiment

As the bitcoin halving event approaches, analysts delve into its supply impacts, emphasizing the gradual changes in supply dynamics and the role of traditional financial institutions in shaping bitcoin's future. Scheduled to occur this week, the halving is anticipated to boost bitcoin's price by reducing supply and increasing demand, marking a pivotal moment for the cryptocurrency industry amidst institutional involvement.

Altcoins are poised to react uniquely to the 2024 halving, with factors like tokenomics and technology influencing their performance. Analysts' perspectives vary, with some turning bearish on risk assets like cryptocurrencies, while others foresee bitcoin's recent rally as just the start of a potential sustained bull market driven by limited supply and growing demand from new investment products.

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TheStreet Crypto: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news, advice, analysis and more
18. April 2024 um 19:21

Crypto analysts outline supply impacts of upcoming bitcoin halving

Cryptocurrencies & blockchain
Crypto analysts Aaron Arnold and Scott Melker discuss the supply impacts of the upcoming bitcoin halving, highlighting the gradual nature of supply changes and the influence of traditional financial institutions on bitcoin's trajectory.
EL PAÍS in English
15. April 2024 um 23:18

What is bitcoin halving, when will it happen and why can it cause the currency’s price to skyrocket?

Cryptocurrencies & blockchain
Bitcoin halving, a process where the rewards for miners are reduced by half, is scheduled to occur this week. The market expects the halving to increase the price of bitcoin as the supply is reduced and demand is expected to increase. This milestone is seen as a moment of consolidation and maturation for the cryptocurrency sector, driven by new investment products and the entry of institutional players.
Cointelegraph.com News
16. April 2024 um 08:00

Bitcoin Halving Impact on Altcoins

Cryptocurrencies & blockchain
Altcoins are expected to react differently to the upcoming Bitcoin halving in 2024 based on factors such as tokenomics and value proposition. The halving event will test altcoins in terms of market sentiment, price, technology, blockchain forks, and reserves allocation. Altcoin projects are preparing incentives and campaigns to attract investors, and advancements in the Bitcoin network serve as a blueprint for altcoin ecosystems. The article emphasizes the importance of research and due diligence for investors looking to enter the altcoin market.
16. April 2024 um 05:50

Analyst Who Called Bitcoin's Pre-Halving Rally to $70K Turns Bearish

Analyst Markus Thielen, who previously predicted Bitcoin's price movements, has turned bearish on risk assets such as technology stocks and cryptocurrencies due to concerns about rising Treasury yields and persistent inflation. He has sold tech stocks and holds only a few high-conviction crypto coins, expressing a bearish outlook on risk assets in general.
11:12:16 AMCW 20


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