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2024-04-16 10:08:02

UK Faces Internal Divide Over Proposed Gradual Smoking Ban

A proposed bill in the UK aiming to gradually ban smoking and prevent under-15s from buying tobacco products has sparked controversy within the Conservative Party. Over 50 Tory MPs are poised to vote against the bill, contrasting with Labour's support.

The plan, endorsed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, targets a smoke-free generation by incrementally raising the minimum purchase age. Government officials, including Liz Truss, are divided on the issue, with England's Chief Medical Officer urging MPs to resist tobacco lobby pressure and pass the legislation to address health inequities and economic burdens.

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World news | The Guardian
16. April 2024 um 19:34

MPs’ vote on gradual smoking ban set to expose Tory splits over key Sunak policy – UK politics live

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak is facing potential rebellion from Conservative MPs over a bill that would gradually ban smoking. The bill, which would prevent anyone under the age of 15 from legally buying tobacco products, is backed by Labour but has garnered opposition within Sunak's own party. Over 50 Conservative MPs are reportedly preparing to vote against the bill, highlighting a divide within the party on this issue.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
16. April 2024 um 06:58

UK: Britons want to ban cigarettes - DER SPIEGEL

The UK is planning a strict anti-tobacco law that aims to restrict the sale of cigarettes. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak aims to ensure that no one who turns 15 years old or younger this year can legally buy cigarettes. There is resistance within the party, but the Labour Party supports the draft.
World news | The Guardian
16. April 2024 um 17:57

Smoking ban: Liz Truss takes aim at 'unelected' health department officials

Liz Truss criticizes 'unelected' officials in the Department of Health for the proposed smoking ban, claiming they have been pushing for it. The legislation that would ban smoking for those born after 2009 is to be debated in parliament. Various Conservative MPs have differing opinions on the smoking ban.
16. April 2024 um 07:46

Plan divides government: Britons to be prevented from buying cigarettes - n-tv.de

The British government is planning to make the legal purchase of cigarettes impossible in the long term. A stricter law aims to increase the minimum age for buying cigarettes by one year each year. The goal is to reduce the smoking rate among young people to almost zero by the year 2040. However, there is strong opposition to this plan within the government, including from within its own ranks.
10:34:03 AMCW 20


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