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2024-04-16 10:08:15

German Chancellor Advocates for Fair Play in EU Market during Visit to China

During his visit to China, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasizes the importance of fair competition, non-dumping practices, and protection of intellectual property rights in trade relations with China. Scholz urges Chinese industry bosses to avoid overproduction of cheap goods and copyright infringement, seeking a level playing field in the EU market.

The meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping focuses on seeking common ground, fair competition, and avoiding protectionist measures in bilateral relations, while addressing concerns over Russian aggression and climate protection. German car manufacturers BMW and Mercedes accompany Scholz, advocating for free trade and competition to enhance their presence in China and warning against potential trade disputes.

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World news | The Guardian
15. April 2024 um 14:11

German Chancellor Urges Chinese Industry Bosses to Play Fair in EU Market

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urges Chinese industry bosses to play fair in the EU market by avoiding overproduction of cheap goods and infringing copyright rules. Scholz emphasized the importance of fair competition, non-dumping practices, and protection of intellectual property rights in trade relations with China.
16. April 2024 um 05:09

China’s Xi tells Germany’s Scholz to seek ‘common ground’

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasizes the importance of respecting each other and seeking common ground with Germany during a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Beijing. Scholz's visit to China focuses on fair competition and avoiding protectionist measures in bilateral relations.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
16. April 2024 um 05:27

Chancellor meets China's leader in Beijing - DER SPIEGEL

Chancellor Olaf Scholz met with China's leader Xi Jinping in Beijing to discuss a peace solution for Ukraine and increased cooperation on climate protection. Scholz also emphasized the negative impact of the Russian war of aggression on security in Europe. Meanwhile, the German automotive industry warns of potential risks in business with China.
New York Times - Europe
16. April 2024 um 09:26

Why Germany Can’t Break Up With China

Germany's Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, aimed to reduce economic dependence on China but now seeks equal access to China's market. Germany's stance on China conflicts with the US and other European countries' desire for China to reduce its green energy exports. German companies continue to invest heavily in China, indicating their strong position for negotiating with Chinese leaders.
10:22:15 AMCW 20


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