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2024-04-16 10:04:04

Analysis of President Biden's 2023 Tax Returns

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill reported a total income of nearly $620,000 in their 2023 tax returns, showing a 7% increase from the previous year. Their income primarily stemmed from Joe Biden's presidential salary and Jill Biden's teaching earnings, supplemented by investments and book royalties.

The couple paid approximately $181,000 in federal taxes, indicating a tax rate of around 24%, with additional charitable donations totaling over $20,000. The release of their tax returns provides insight into the Bidens' sources of income and tax contributions, highlighting transparency in their financial affairs.

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VnExpress English
16. April 2024 um 02:37

Biden and his wife report $620,000 income in 2023 tax returns

U.S. President Joe Biden and his wife reported a 7% increase in income to $619,976 in their 2023 tax returns, paying 23.7% in federal taxes. The couple earned most of their income from their jobs as president and a teacher, with additional income from investments and book royalties.
Thế giới - VnExpress
15. April 2024 um 23:37

US President Joe Biden and wife disclose income for 2023

US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill have released their federal tax returns, revealing a 7% increase in their income to nearly $620,000 last year. The majority of their income came from their respective roles as President and a community college teacher, with Joe Biden earning $400,000 and Jill Biden earning $85,985 from teaching English. Other income sources included investment dividends, retirement income, and book royalties.
New York Times - Politics
15. April 2024 um 23:07

Bidens Report Earning $620,000 and Paying $181,000 in Taxes in 2023

President Biden and the first lady earned $620,000 in 2023, paying $181,000 in taxes with a federal income tax rate of nearly 24%. Their earnings increased from 2022 due to higher taxable interest income and salaries from their respective positions.
16. April 2024 um 07:38

Tax return released: Joe Biden earned this much money in 2023 - n-tv.de

Joe Biden and his wife Jill earned a total of $619,976 in 2023, mainly through Joe Biden's presidential salary and Jill's teaching. They paid a total of $146,629 in federal taxes and donated $20,477 to charitable causes.
9:50:54 AMCW 20


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