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6. Juli 2024 um 09:04

Slovak Prime Minister Fico Speaks Out Against Progressive Ideologies and Calls for Peace

Attentat auf Robert Fico
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico recently made his first public appearance since surviving an assassination attempt in May. During his address, he criticized what he referred to as the spread of progressive and liberal ideologies in Slovakia, likening them to cancer. Fico also expressed support for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's diplomatic efforts in relation to the Ukraine conflict, emphasizing the importance of peace initiatives. Despite being unable to join Orban on his recent visits due to health reasons, Fico's stance underscores a call for dialogue and efforts to end conflicts in the region.
21. Juni 2024 um 06:16

Slovak Parliament Approves Dissolving Public Radio and Television

The Slovak Parliament in Bratislava
The Slovak Parliament approved a controversial law to dissolve the public broadcaster RTVS, sparking protests from the opposition and employees. The move aims to replace RTVS with a government-controlled entity, raising concerns about media freedom and political influence. Despite massive protests, the government parties voted for the dissolution, leading to the restructuring of public media in Slovakia.


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