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19. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Israel's Parliament Rejects Palestinian State

Israel's parliament, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the opposition party, votes against the establishment of a Palestinian state, a move criticized by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and others. The rejection of the two-state solution further distances the possibility of peace. Germany and the USA emphasize that a Palestinian state must be agreed upon through peace negotiations. The resolution could be seen as a provocation ahead of Netanyahu's visit to the USA. The German government criticizes the resolution, stating that it goes against UN resolutions and isolates Israel. Berlin warns of Israel's potential isolation and the Hamas taking control of such a state. Several countries, including Spain, Ireland, and Norway, have already recognized Palestinian territories as a state. The voting result is seen as a setback for peace efforts and calls for a new approach instead of hoping for elections and moderation.
18. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Israel's Parliament Rejects Palestinian Statehood

Israel's parliament, the Knesset, has overwhelmingly rejected the establishment of a Palestinian state, citing security concerns and the 'existential danger' to Israel. The resolution was supported by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right coalition, but opposed by the center-left. The move has been condemned by the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, and the UN as a violation of international law. The resolution also referred to the October 7 attacks in southern Israel that triggered the current conflict. Meanwhile, Israel has reported the killing of approximately 20 Hamas members in the Gaza Strip, including those involved in the October 7 attacks. Oxfam has accused Israel of using water as a weapon of war, with the people of Gaza having access to just 4.74 liters of water per day, 94% less than before the conflict. In addition, a member of an extremist group has been killed in a drone attack in Lebanon, and the Zentralrat der Juden warns of an increasing threat from Iran to Jewish communities worldwide.


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