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20. Juli 2024 um 23:55

Biden's Decision Looms as Pressure Mounts

Biden's Decision Looms as Pressure Mounts
As pressure mounts for Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, the list of Democratic representatives calling for him to step aside continues to grow. Despite hopes to resume his campaign next week, Biden is confined to his beach house in Delaware, recovering from COVID-19 and reflecting on his future. Growing concerns over the drop in donations, new desertions in Congress, and the Democrats' deteriorating electoral prospects are taking their toll. Biden's campaign manager assures that he remains in the race, but two-thirds of Democratic voters favor a replacement. The US media have been speculating on Biden's potential withdrawal, using phrases like 'could' and 'seems'. While Biden's future remains uncertain, Republicans are preparing for a possible Kamala Harris candidacy and scrutinizing the records of Democratic governors as potential running mates. Biden's decision, if he chooses to step aside, could further divide the Democratic Party and result in the loss of the Black vote.
20. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Commemoration of Resistance against Hitler on the 80th Anniversary of the Assassination Attempt

On the 80th anniversary of the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler, the leaders of the state and government will pay tribute to the resistance fighters against Nazi rule. A commemoration ceremony will take place in the courtyard of the Berlin Bendlerblock, where Chancellor Olaf Scholz will deliver a speech and lay a wreath with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. In the afternoon, around 400 recruits of the Bundeswehr will take their solemn oath in the Bendlerblock. Chancellor Scholz will emphasize the threat to democracy, while Defense Minister Boris Pistorius will give the oath speech. The Bendlerblock, now the location of the Ministry of Defense, was where Hitler assassin Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and other conspirators were executed after the coup attempt in 1944. On this anniversary, Chancellor Scholz calls for the protection of democracy and highlights Germany's responsibility in the Ukraine conflict. The event also includes a discussion with descendants of the Hitler assassins, Alfred von Hofacker and Annette von Schlabrendorff, who reflect on the day's significance for their country and families.
20. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Belarus proposes 'solutions' for German sentenced to death

The government in Belarus is reportedly proposing 'solutions' in the case of a German man sentenced to death in the country. The man, who was convicted on charges of terrorism and mercenary activity, has been in custody since November 2023. The process is related to the Kastus-Kalinouski Regiment, a Belarusian volunteer group fighting against Russia. The international human rights organization Wjasna brought attention to the case, which has been partly held behind closed doors. The German Foreign Office and the embassy in Minsk are providing support to the man, with consular access granted. Belarus is the only European country that still carries out the death penalty, and executions are not made public nor are bodies handed to families. Belarus is a close ally of Russia.
20. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Germany's Historical Responsibility: Support for Ukraine and Preparing for a Second Trump Term

Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz justifies Germany's support for Ukraine by invoking the country's historical responsibility in light of the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler 80 years ago. Scholz condemns Russia's war against Ukraine and emphasizes the need to protect democracy against extremism. Meanwhile, Green European politician Anton Hofreiter rejects concerns about the deployment of US missiles in Germany, stating that it could contribute to more security. On the other hand, SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich opposes the delivery of cruise missiles to Ukraine, emphasizing that Germany is already providing arms, financial, and humanitarian aid. Russian state propaganda reacts with satisfaction to the death of Ukrainian politician Iryna Farion, while a Russian drone attack disrupts the power and water supply in the Poltava region of Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken believes Ukraine is on its way to self-sufficiency militarily and highlights the commitment of over 20 countries to provide support even if the US withdraws. As the possibility of a second Trump term looms, Germany needs to prepare for potential challenges in defense and trade, particularly with respect to rising tariffs and gas prices. It is crucial for Germany to strengthen its defense capabilities and work towards a united and strong European Union to effectively address these challenges.
20. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Global IT Outage Paralyzes Air Travel and Causes Chaos Worldwide

Global IT Outage Paralyzes Air Travel and Causes Chaos Worldwide
A global IT outage, caused by a bug in a CrowdStrike update, has resulted in widespread disruption to air travel, rail traffic, and broadcasting in numerous countries. Major airports such as Berlin's BER and Sydney's airport experienced shutdowns, while airlines like Delta, United, and American Airlines suspended operations. The impact also extended to hospitals and media outlets. The outage affected countries including Australia, Singapore, the USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. The magnitude of the disruption was unprecedented, according to cybersecurity experts. CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm responsible for the flawed update, has since found a solution. While the situation is slowly improving, there are still delays and cancellations at some airports, and passengers are advised to check their flight status. The outage highlights the vulnerability of global technological infrastructure and the need for businesses to have contingency plans and diversify their cloud services. It serves as a reminder that even routine software updates can have significant consequences.
20. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Pistorius Insists on Change in Financial Policy - Reprimand from Mützenich

Pistorius Insists on Change in Financial Policy - Reprimand from Mützenich
Bundesverteidigungsminister Boris Pistorius criticizes the compromise of around 53 billion euros for next year's defense budget and instead demands around 58 billion euros. He questions the financial policy course of the traffic light coalition and wants more money for the Bundeswehr to ensure the security of Germany in the face of the threat from Russia. SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich rejects Pistorius' proposal as the defense budget is increasing and the debt brake should be adhered to. Mützenich continues to emphasize the possibility of declaring an emergency situation. Despite the cabinet's decision on the budget, Pistorius will continue to fight for more money for the Bundeswehr in the parliamentary process in September. The final decision is scheduled for the end of the year. Mützenich criticizes the planned deployment of Tomahawk missiles and hypersonic weapons in Germany, warns of the risk of escalation, and calls for arms control and the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons that could be dropped by Bundeswehr aircraft. He emphasizes the need to improve defense capability in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
20. Juli 2024 um 09:00

Biden Faces Calls to Withdraw as Speculation Mounts

Biden Faces Calls to Withdraw as Speculation Mounts
Joe Biden's campaign chair acknowledges a decline in support but maintains that he will stay in the race. However, pressure is mounting from within the Democratic Party for him to drop out. Kamala Harris is being considered as a potential alternative nominee. Biden's declining poll numbers, concerns from party leaders, and calls for withdrawal from over 28 Democrats in Congress contribute to the speculation. Biden's allies compare his situation to Julius Caesar and there is a growing sense that his campaign is coming to an end. Despite this, Biden insists that he has polling evidence showing he could still win. Meanwhile, Biden reportedly feels betrayed by his allies, as advisers discuss the details of a possible withdrawal. Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi has expressed support for an open nomination process if Biden drops out, favoring Kamala Harris as the potential candidate. Overall, there is a belief among Democrats that a change in the presidential nominee is becoming inevitable.
20. Juli 2024 um 09:00

Russia Attacks Energy Infrastructure in Ukraine, Blinken Discusses Aid in Case of Trump Election Win, and More

In the latest updates from the war in Ukraine, Russia has attacked an energy facility in the Sumy region, damaging the infrastructure in the city of Konotop. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stated that even if the US were to withdraw its support under a different president, more than 20 other countries have pledged to maintain military and financial aid for Ukraine. The Russian government is considering stricter measures for direct censorship of critical voices on Russian social networks. The Kremlin is reportedly concerned about the long-term social and political impact of the return of Russian veterans from the war in Ukraine. Warsaw announced that it will not participate in the recruitment of the first Ukrainian Legion, and volunteers will be able to return to Poland after their service. In a tragic incident, a child was killed in a rocket strike in the city of Mykolajiw, and the Ukrainian General Staff has published new casualty figures for Russian troops in Ukraine. These developments highlight the ongoing conflict and its impact on various aspects of the region.
20. Juli 2024 um 09:00

The Brief – No time for a honeymoon period this summer

European leaders face a packed summer of summits, with key challenges including maintaining EU unity on Ukraine support, addressing Trump 2.0 and US isolationism, reining in Viktor Orbán's controversial diplomacy, and facing rocky EU-China ties under Ursula von der Leyen's hawkish leadership. Von der Leyen is focused on de-risking from Beijing and bolstering ties with Indo-Pacific allies. However, obstacles such as the American presidential election and member states' resistance to economic security strategy may hinder her plans. The EU's most powerful members face political vulnerability, leaving a power void for the European Commission to fill. The appointment of a college of commissioners and the upcoming vote on permanent duties on Chinese-made electric vehicles will shape the EU-China relationship for the next five years. Europe's shift to the right under von der Leyen's re-election consolidates anti-immigration policies and poses challenges for progressive forces.
19. Juli 2024 um 23:55

FDP's Kubicki Criticizes Merz and Plans to Run Again Despite Announced Withdrawal

FDP's Kubicki Criticizes Merz and Plans to Run Again Despite Announced Withdrawal
Friedrich Merz criticizes FDP for lack of support for von der Leyen's re-election, while Wolfgang Kubicki wishes Merz a 'good journey into the abyss' with the Greens. Kubicki, despite previously announcing his withdrawal, plans to run again in the upcoming Bundestag elections due to FDP's low poll numbers and the problematic situation in the traffic light coalition. The 72-year-old FDP vice-chairman and Bundestag vice-president aims to lead the FDP with party leader Christian Lindner towards a double-digit voter approval. Kubicki criticizes the Ampel-Koalition and sees FDP's situation as challenging because of the Ukraine conflict. While ruling out a ministerial position, he considers the fight for freedom rights as his last battle in this legislative period. Additionally, Klaus von Dohnanyi, a 96-year-old former Social Democrat politician, supports Sahra Wagenknecht and her new alliance. Von Dohnanyi criticizes Chancellor Olaf Scholz's Ukraine policy and the SPD for giving up on peace policy. He sees the conflict as a proxy war against Russia on behalf of the US and calls for a diplomatic solution considering Russian security interests. Despite his disappointment with the SPD, von Dohnanyi does not plan to leave the party.
19. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Biden's Future Uncertain as Pressure Mounts for Him to Withdraw

Biden's Future Uncertain as Pressure Mounts for Him to Withdraw
Speculation is growing that President Biden may withdraw from the race, as calls for his resignation increase among Democrats. Biden is recovering from COVID-19 and feeling 'betrayed' by his allies. While his campaign insists he will stay in the race, there has been a decline in support and growing doubts about his ability to defeat Trump. Several Democratic officials have urged Biden to step aside, and there are reports that he is considering his options. Kamala Harris is being touted as a potential replacement nominee. The Democratic National Committee is pushing ahead with plans to nominate a candidate, and the timetable for a possible withdrawal is tightening. Biden's declining poll numbers, the drop in donations, and the desertions in Congress are all contributing to the pressure. While Biden insists he can win, there is a sense among some that 'it's game over' for his campaign. As the speculation continues, the focus now shifts to whether Biden will make the decision to withdraw and who could potentially take his place as the Democratic Party's nominee.
19. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Trump Vows High Tariffs on China-Made Cars

In his acceptance speech as the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump pledged to impose high tariffs on car imports, including those from China, with the aim of revitalizing the US auto manufacturing industry. While he did not repeat his previous promise to impose 60% tariffs on Chinese goods, Trump maintained a tough stance on trade with China. He criticized President Joe Biden's support for electric vehicles, calling them 'green new scams.' Experts suggest that Trump's targeting of specific industries, such as EVs, may have limited impact on China, as the US is a small market for Chinese electric car manufacturers. However, there may still be room for the US and China to address their trade disputes and potentially revive the 2020 Phase 1 trade agreement requiring China to buy an additional $200 billion of American goods and services.
19. Juli 2024 um 05:50

Ukraine War: Updates on Drones, Military Tax, Power Outages, Trials, and Diplomacy

Ukraine is increasing the supply of drones to its army, potentially surpassing Russia in drone numbers. The Ukrainian government plans to raise the military tax from 1.5% to 5% on income to finance the fight against Russia. The German Ambassador in Kyiv reports that power outages are a daily occurrence, impacting people's lives and industrial production. The trial against US reporter Evan Gershkovich for alleged espionage is nearing its end, with closing arguments expected soon. British Prime Minister Keir Starmer has invited Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to address his Cabinet and discuss curbing Russia's 'war machine.' Zelenskyy has discussed the prospects of joint defense production with British companies. He also thanked King Charles for his audience and urged Western allies to use their own means to shoot down Russian missiles and drones. The Ukrainian General Staff has released new casualty figures for Russian troops in Ukraine, and Chancellor Scholz announced plans to fight Russia's 'shadow fleet' of old tankers. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg called for continued US support for Ukraine, while Chancellor Scholz rejected Zelenskyy's request to shoot down Russian missiles and drones. Ukraine's AI-enabled war drones are being developed to counter signal jamming and achieve higher strike rates.
18. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Ukraine War Updates: Espionage Claims, Defense Minister's Statement, and Drone Attacks

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, claims to have 'irrefutable evidence' of espionage by imprisoned US journalist Evan Gershkovich. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius acknowledges the need to be prepared to defend against aggression, while the mayor of Novorossiysk warns of drone attacks. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy commemorates the downing of a passenger plane ten years ago. Germany's Bundeswehr sees an increase in applicants, and Ukrainian casualties mount in the battle for a bridgehead. In Kyiv, air raid alerts sound as drones attack the city. Estonia and Lithuania ban vehicles with Belarusian license plates. Meanwhile, incoming UK Foreign Secretary David Lammy considers new restrictions on using Western weapons against Russia. Russia's advances in Ukraine come at a cost, as they suffer losses and face tension with Western powers.
18. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Pistorius Vows to Secure More Funding for Soldiers

Verteidigungsminister Pistorius beim NATO Summit in Austin, 10. Juli 2024
German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has pledged to continue fighting for a larger defense budget to meet the needs of the Bundeswehr. Pistorius expressed disappointment with the coalition's budget planning, emphasizing the urgent need for more funds. Despite the compromise reached by the government, Pistorius highlighted that the defense budget would need to increase in the coming years. He warned that Russia could potentially pose a threat to NATO territory and emphasized the need for the rapid modernization of the Bundeswehr. Pistorius also stressed the strategic importance of space for Germany's defense and advocated for increased presence in the space domain. However, the proposed defense budget for 2025 shows only a modest increase, raising concerns about Germany's ability to fulfill its NATO commitments. Critics argue that the budget cuts to military aid for Ukraine will hinder Germany's military role and question the government's resolve to take a stronger stance militarily.
18. Juli 2024 um 19:55

USA: Barack Obama Loses Confidence in Joe Biden

USA: Barack Obama Loses Confidence in Joe Biden
Former President Obama, along with top politicians Pelosi, Schiff, Jeffries, and Schumer, are questioning Joe Biden's candidacy. Biden has faced criticism after a weak TV debate against Trump and testing positive for COVID-19. He has withdrawn to his private home in Delaware with mild symptoms, belonging to the risk group. There are doubts about Biden's chances of winning the election, and Democrats are calling for his withdrawal. Obama wants to protect Biden's legacy and has spoken with Pelosi about it. The decision about Biden's candidacy lies with him, but Biden is still expressing his ambitions. Public opinion polls show that nearly two-thirds of Democrats believe Biden should withdraw from the race, and only 30% are confident in his ability to serve as president. The events have created a sense of two campaigns heading in opposite directions, with Trump appearing strong at the Republican Party convention. Biden's health issues have also come under scrutiny, with him suggesting that he would consider dropping out if new health problems emerge. Even Biden's allies are struggling to defend him, with Senator Bernie Sanders admitting that Biden has trouble completing sentences. The situation has put Biden's campaign in chaos while Trump's campaign is on the rise.
18. Juli 2024 um 14:59

European Parliament's Condemnation of Viktor Orbán's Visit to Moscow

Vladimir Putin & Viktor Orban, 5. Juli 2024
The European Parliament has condemned Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's visit to Moscow, calling for retaliatory measures. The resolution criticizes Hungary for blocking aid to Ukraine and expresses support for Ukraine. The condemnation has faced opposition from far-right parties such as Reagrupamiento Nacional and the European Conservatives and Reformists. Other parties, including Socialists and Democrats, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, and Podemos, also oppose Orbán's actions. The resolution mentions various political figures, including Giorgia Meloni, the President of the European Council Charles Michel, and Ursula von der Leyen. Furthermore, the Patriots for Europe group, which includes Vox, and the Maltese Social Democrats voted against the resolution. In response to Orbán's actions, the European Commission has boycotted meetings organized by the Hungarian presidency. Orban's visit has also been criticized by Ukrainian President Zelenskiy at a leaders' meeting in the UK, where he accused Orbán of betraying Europe and called for unity among leaders.
18. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Prominent US Democrat Adam Schiff Calls on Biden to Forgo Candidacy

Prominent US Democrat Adam Schiff Calls on Biden to Forgo Candidacy
Adam Schiff, a prominent Democratic representative, has called on US President Joe Biden to forgo his candidacy for a second term. Schiff expressed serious doubts about Biden's ability to defeat his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, and urged him to pass on the torch. The plan to fast-track Biden's nomination through an online vote has faced increasing criticism within the Democratic Party. Schiff praised Biden's merits and acknowledged him as one of the most important presidents in the nation's history, but emphasized the need for him to step aside and preserve his legacy. Despite concerns within the party about Biden's age and health, he has insisted on remaining the candidate. However, around 20 Democratic congress members and one senator have called for his withdrawal. The Democratic Party aims to hold the online vote before August 1st, but critics argue against rushing the process. A significant majority of Democrats want Biden to step aside, according to a recent poll by the Associated Press and NORC.
18. Juli 2024 um 09:00

US Allies Reassess China Strategy Amid Rising Odds of Trump Re-Election

The attempted assassination of former US President Donald Trump has raised concerns among US allies in Europe and Asia about the potential implications of a Trump re-election. Allies are likely to reassess their approach towards China, with some potentially recalibrating their strategies. In Europe, there is concern that a Trump victory could lead to increased pressure on NATO and a more transactional approach to foreign policy. Japan and South Korea are also preparing for the possibility of a Trump re-election, with concerns over increased demands on defence spending. The Philippines, which has deepened ties with the US amid tensions with China in the South China Sea, is also considering the impacts of a Trump victory. Allies may seek to enhance economic standing and pursue a more conciliatory approach towards China to mitigate potential pressures from a new Trump administration.
18. Juli 2024 um 09:00

European Political Community Summit: Struggles, Relevance, and Future

The European Political Community (EPC) summit, held in the UK, brings together leaders from 47 European countries to discuss urgent issues such as the Ukraine crisis, illegal migration, and security. However, the relevance and feasibility of the EPC format have been increasingly questioned, with concerns over its existence and lack of concrete results. The UK government, led by Prime Minister Keir Starmer, aims to renew its relationship with Europe and improve cooperation in areas such as border security and defense. The summit also addresses the post-western world, with discussions on China, India, Turkey, and Brazil's ties with Russia. Turkey's President and the European Commission President are absent from the summit, raising questions about future participation. As the EPC struggles to stay relevant, diplomats suggest reducing the frequency of meetings. The next EPC summit is scheduled to be held in Budapest, but participation may be uncertain due to current political tensions.
18. Juli 2024 um 05:50

Ursula von der Leyen faces crucial vote for second term as EU Commission President

Ursula von der Leyen, the incumbent President of the EU Commission, is facing a crucial vote in the European Parliament for her second term. She needs 361 votes for re-election and has been reaching out to various political groups to secure support. While major groups have backed her, there is expected to be some dissent. The Greens, in particular, will play a key role in deciding her fate based on her program, which is expected to focus on boosting EU competitiveness, continuing the Green Deal, and addressing Ukraine's EU accession and the hybrid threat from Russia. The outcome is still uncertain, but a rejection would lead to a leadership vacuum and uncertainty for the European Union. Von der Leyen's coalition has been carefully crafted, but defections are a possibility. She will present her political program in a speech before the vote, addressing compromises on contentious issues such as the combustion engine ban and funding for Gaza and Palestine. The vote will determine the future leadership of the EU Commission and its direction in the coming years.
18. Juli 2024 um 05:50

Ukraine War in Live Ticker: Key Updates

The Ukraine war continues to unfold with various developments. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy commemorates the victims of the downing of MH17, calling for fair punishments. The battle for Krynki results in heavy losses for Ukraine. Air raid sirens sound in Kyiv as drones attack the city. Estonia and Lithuania ban cars with Belarusian plates. Zelenskyy welcomes the return of 95 prisoners from Russia. Moscow sentences two Russians for trying to join a paramilitary unit fighting against Russia. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov blames the US for the violence in Ukraine and the Palestinian territories. The Netherlands commemorates the 10th anniversary of the MH17 disaster, calling for justice. In other news, Germany plans to halve military aid to Ukraine, and several countries ban Belarus-registered cars from entering their borders.
17. Juli 2024 um 23:55

Steinmeier pays tribute to Merkel's achievements on the occasion of her 70th birthday

Steinmeier pays tribute to Merkel's achievements on the occasion of her 70th birthday
Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier praised Angela Merkel's achievements as she turns 70. He highlighted her role in shaping a united Germany and commended her resilience, sense of duty, and humanity. The SPD leader, Saskia Esken, admired Merkel's empathy and ability to seek common ground. However, Union parliamentary group deputy leader Jens Spahn criticized Merkel's handling of mass migration, her ties with Russia, and the decision to phase out nuclear power. A YouGov poll indicated that 61% of respondents believed Germany had worsened since Merkel's tenure, with 28% attributing it to the current government's policies. Merkel, the first female German chancellor, played a pivotal role in politics and became a role model for many.
17. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Defense Minister Pistorius Frustrated Over Budget Wrangling

Defense Minister Pistorius Frustrated Over Budget Wrangling
Defense Minister Pistorius, along with Inspector General Breuer, is disappointed with the proposed Bundeswehr budget increase of only 1.25 billion euros, significantly less than the demanded 6.7 billion euros. Finance Minister Lindner recognizes the urgent need for increased defense spending by 2027. Pistorius emphasizes that operational readiness, soldier equipment, ammunition procurement, spare parts, and digitization are top priorities. He warns of potential Russian attacks on NATO territories and pledges to continue advocating for a higher defense budget to address material gaps. The German government plans to reduce military aid to Ukraine from 7.48 billion euros in 2023 to 4 billion euros in 2025. The defense budget will increase by 1.3 billion euros, but Pistorius is pushing for an additional 6 billion euros. Lindner acknowledges the growing budget deficit and stresses the importance of growing the economy through structural reforms and business-friendliness. However, the projected budget gaps of 9 to 17 billion euros by 2028, along with increasing defense and welfare expenditures, pose financing challenges for Germany. Lindner remains committed to his approach and aims to lead by example in fiscal policy. The CDU-led state governments are open to easing debt regulations to accommodate greater investment volumes. Nevertheless, these short-term goals clash with the need for immediate revenue generation. The fate of Lindner's initiatives relies on the cooperation of the states. Integration into the labor market is crucial for reducing rising welfare costs, and Lindner highlights the importance of work and integration as a humanitarian obligation. However, the provision of childcare facilities falls under the purview of local and state governments, and Lindner acknowledges the need for improvement in this area.
17. Juli 2024 um 19:55

'Special Opponent': Schröder Congratulates Merkel on Her 70th Birthday

'Special Opponent': Schröder Congratulates Merkel on Her 70th Birthday
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has praised Angela Merkel as a 'special political opponent' on her 70th birthday. Schröder, who narrowly lost to Merkel in the 2005 federal election, commended her northern charm and ability for irony. Merkel's successor Olaf Scholz and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also wished her well. Merkel, who led the CDU from 2000 to 2018, is celebrating her birthday privately, focusing on the upcoming release of her memoirs. In retirement, she has engaged in various cultural activities, including lectures and fictional appearances. Merkel's legacy includes her leadership during the financial crisis, refugee crisis, and COVID-19 pandemic, as well as her diplomatic relations with world leaders such as Putin and Trump. Her memoirs, co-written with her adviser, will shed light on her decision-making process and personal experiences. Despite her retirement, Merkel remains a prominent figure in literature and TV, appearing in works by László Krasznahorkai, Vladimir Sorokin, and David Safier.
17. Juli 2024 um 15:08

EU Parliament: Metsola remains President - Two Germans elected as Vice Presidents

Die Präsidentin des Europäischen Parlaments Roberta Metsola am 16. Juli 2024 in Straßburg
Roberta Metsola has been re-elected as President of the European Parliament, with two German politicians elected as Vice Presidents. Metsola emphasized the need to bridge the gap between people's expectations of Europe and what it can achieve. She also stressed the importance of a strong parliament that advances the laws citizens want and need. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated Metsola and expressed his appreciation for her support. The European Parliament also elected 11 Vice Presidents, including Sabine Verheyen from the CDU and Katarina Barley from the SPD. The election of Metsola and the Vice Presidents is part of the package of appointments for top European positions agreed upon by EU leaders. Ursula von der Leyen, the current President of the European Commission, is seeking re-election but faces challenges and needs the support of various groups. EU Parliament President Metsola expressed her hope for good cooperation with António Costa, the future President of the European Council. The appointment of Ewa Kopacz as Vice President of the European Parliament was also confirmed, while Toni Comín questioned Metsola's democratic legitimacy.
17. Juli 2024 um 15:08

Angela Merkel: Celebrating 70 Years and Acknowledging Her Political Legacy

Angela Merkel: Celebrating 70 Years and Acknowledging Her Political Legacy
As Angela Merkel celebrates her 70th birthday, she receives praise from politicians and colleagues for her impressive political career, including the reunification of Germany and the promotion of democracy in East Germany. While some criticize her decisions, Merkel's accomplishments in guiding Germany through various crises, such as the financial crisis, the refugee crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot be denied. She has left a lasting impact on Germany and Europe by providing stability and leadership. Merkel's ability to understand and empathize with others has been commended, with her talent for seeking common ground in negotiations and finding compromise. However, there are differing opinions on the state of Germany after Merkel's tenure, with a majority feeling that the country has deteriorated. Some attribute this decline to the policies of the current government under Olaf Scholz, while others blame external factors. Nevertheless, Merkel's legacy as a significant chancellor who steered Germany through unprecedented challenges remains undeniable. As she enters her retirement, Merkel chooses to focus on personal interests such as arts and culture, declining public events, and granting rare interviews. Her upcoming memoirs will provide insights into her decision-making process on crucial issues like Russia's war and energy security. Angela Merkel's tenure will be remembered as a time of significant change and stability for Germany and Europe.
17. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Ursula von der Leyen Faces Crucial Hurdle in EU Commission Leadership

Ursula von der Leyen, the first woman at the helm of the powerful European Commission, is seeking re-election. However, she faces challenges as she needs the support of various political groups in the European Parliament. Her party, the European People's Party (EPP), has a majority with the Socialists and Liberals, but there are many potential dissenters. Von der Leyen is reliant on the support of the Greens and right-wing parties, which is risky given her party's demands for a tougher migration policy and revisions to the Green Deal. The support of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was conditional on von der Leyen not forming alliances with parties to the right of the CDU/CSU. The biggest challenge in her new term will be cooperation with the United States, especially if Donald Trump is re-elected. Von der Leyen's previous term was marked by crisis management, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's attack on Ukraine. MEPs will have to decide if she can effectively address the challenges facing the EU, including the rise of the far right, environmental commitments, and demands for a stronger stance on migration.
17. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Study: Citizen's Income has Little Impact on Employment of Ukrainian Refugees

According to a study by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), social transfer payments such as citizen's income have little impact on the employment rate of Ukrainian refugees. Factors such as social networks, English language skills, childcare, and healthcare play a more significant role. Germany's employment rate for Ukrainian refugees is in the middle range at 27%, while Lithuania, Denmark, and Poland have the highest rates. The study also found that the focus on learning the German language hampers employment opportunities. The IAB researcher, Theresa Koch, suggests that comprehensive integration increases the long-term probability of employment. The study highlights the need for a holistic approach to refugee integration, considering various social factors. Since the start of the war, over a million Ukrainians have sought refuge in Germany, with 135,000 being employed in April and 112,000 enrolled in integration courses in June. The German government plans to decrease military aid to Ukraine from €7.48 billion in 2023 to €4 billion in 2025. However, the defense minister is pushing for an additional €6 billion, utilizing interest from Russian assets and G7 funds.
17. Juli 2024 um 11:55

The European Parliament's Sanitary Cordon: Key Messages

The European Parliament has excluded extremist groups from vice-presidencies, applying a 'sanitary cordon'. The move has left parties such as Fidesz, National Rally, and Alternative for Germany without representation. In contrast, the European Conservatives and Reformists, including Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy, secured two vice-presidencies. Fabrice Leggeri, former director of Frontex, also failed to obtain a vice-presidency. Spanish MEPs Javi López and Esteban González Pons were elected as vice-presidents. Roberta Metsola was re-elected as President of the European Parliament, which could bode well for Ursula von der Leyen's confirmation as President of the European Commission. This coalition between the European People's Party, Socialists and Democrats, Liberals, and Greens has been crucial in curbing extremist groups. The 'cordon sanitaire' implemented by pro-European centre parties has effectively isolated the far-right Patriots for Europe group, who failed to secure any vice-president spots despite being the third largest group. The EU must maintain continuity and decisive leadership by keeping Ursula von der Leyen as Commission President, especially as the EU faces challenges from Putin, Xi, and internal populism.
17. Juli 2024 um 11:55

Plus Initiative for Growth: Federal Cabinet Puts 2025 Budget on Track

The Federal Cabinet has put the 2025 budget on track by adopting the draft and forwarding it to the Bundestag. The budget, which includes economic policy impulses to boost growth, has been a subject of controversy within the coalition. Finance Minister Christian Lindner sees this as the start of the economic transformation. The budget includes investments of 78 billion euros, a record level, and new loans of 43.8 billion euros. The government plans to spend more than 480 billion euros next year, with a focus on reviving the economy, maintaining social benefits, and addressing international security. However, there are still some ideas that are on shaky ground. The budget resolution in the Bundestag is scheduled for the end of November. The budget includes tricks such as optimistic economic forecasts, global expenditure reductions, and the conversion of subsidies into loans to meet the debt brake. There are concerns about the financing of a potential high supplementary budget. The opposition parties and the Bundestag will have a final say on the budget. The budget has also received criticism from the CDU for not being constitutionally sound and from the Left Party for not addressing future challenges adequately.
17. Juli 2024 um 09:04

Reflecting on Angela Merkel's 70th Birthday and Her Political Legacy

Reflecting on Angela Merkel's 70th Birthday and Her Political Legacy
As Angela Merkel celebrates her 70th birthday, her achievements as the former Chancellor of Germany are being honored by her peers and scrutinized by her critics. Current Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised Merkel's impressive political career, which began with the reunification of Germany and the triumph of democracy in the East. He highlighted their regular conversations and recent meeting at a reception hosted by the Federal President. Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier also expressed his heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing Merkel's endurance, sense of duty, and humanity. However, within her own party, critical voices have emerged. Jens Spahn, the vice-leader of the Union faction, identified three significant mistakes during Merkel's chancellorship, including the handling of mass irregular migration, insufficiently adapting to Russia's actions, and the decision to support the nuclear phase-out. Meanwhile, a recent Yougov survey revealed that a majority of Germans believe that the country's conditions have deteriorated since Merkel stepped down, with some attributing this decline to the policies of the current government under Scholz. However, Merkel's crisis management skills continue to be highly regarded, with 55% of Germans considering her more crisis-proof than Scholz, according to a Forsa survey. As Merkel's political memoirs are set to be published in the fall, her legacy and the impact of her leadership will be further examined and debated.
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Life Amidst Fear and Destruction: The Reality of Ukrainians in the War Zone

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on the lives of its citizens. Unofficial reports suggest that Ukrainian troops have been forced to give up positions in the southeast of the country due to extensive destruction caused by Russian pressure. The fighting in villages like Krynky and Urozhaine has been criticized for its hopelessness. Ukrainian soldiers continue to face danger and uncertainty as they use 'expired' ammunition on the battlefield. The UN Refugee Agency has announced a new aid package of $100 million to support Ukraine in its preparations for winter and to help the displaced population. Meanwhile, Ukraine has destroyed a Russian S-300 air defense system in the occupied Donetsk region. The Ukrainian government is also facing potential reshuffling, with rumors of Prime Minister Denys Schmyhal being forced to resign. The Baltic states have taken steps to disconnect from the Russian power grid and connect to the European power grid. Amidst all the challenges, Ukrainians are trying to maintain a sense of normalcy and resilience in their daily lives, incorporating fear and humor as a form of resistance. Despite the constant threat of attacks, they continue to go about their routines, living in the moment and finding strength in their unity.
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Gerhard Schröder praises Angela Merkel as 'special' political opponent

Gerhard Schröder praises Angela Merkel as 'special' political opponent
Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has praised Angela Merkel, his successor, as a 'special political opponent' on her 70th birthday. Schröder, who was defeated by Merkel in the 2005 race for the Chancellorship, commended her 'typical North German charm' and her 'ability to use irony'. Federal President Steinmeier also sees Merkel as a role model and a 'hallmark of our democracy'. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder also paid their respects. However, there was a rift between Merkel and former CSU chairman Horst Seehofer during the migration crisis. CDU politician Jens Spahn criticized Merkel's approach to dealing with Putin's Russia and nuclear energy. Despite some criticism, the majority of Germans view the Merkel era positively, with many missing her leadership. The nuclear phaseout and suspension of compulsory military service are controversial topics, with support from AfD supporters and rejection from AfD sympathizers. Overall, Merkel is seen as a better crisis manager than Scholz.
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Challenges and Doubts Surrounding the 2025 Federal Budget

The Federal Cabinet has approved the draft budget for 2025 and the financial planning up to 2028, after long and difficult negotiations. The budget amounts to 480.6 billion euros, with an additional supplementary budget for 2024 and new borrowing of 43.8 billion euros. However, there are legal doubts and concerns raised by CDU politician Helge Braun, Chairman of the Budget Committee, regarding the budget's feasibility. He warns of potential budget freezes and cuts in funding programs, highlighting a significant gap of 17 billion euros. Finance Minister Christian Lindner's plans to plug these gaps with a shadow budget are met with skepticism. The draft budget also faces challenges from various ministries, such as Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, who is unhappy with the allocated budget increase, and Development Minister Svenja Schulze, who expresses dissatisfaction with her budget. The budget also raises questions about the future of child basic security and the need for adjustments in defense spending. The draft budget is heavily reliant on assumptions and hope, including revenue from a growth initiative and expected decreases in spending on citizen's income. However, uncertainties remain, as the budget has yet to pass the Bundestag and Bundesrat, and there are upcoming economic figures and tax estimates that could impact budget calculations. The final approval of the budget and financial planning is expected to be a challenging process, akin to a marathon, with the last meters potentially being the toughest.
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US Senator Menendez's Conviction Marks a Political Downfall

Senator Bob Menendez has been found guilty on all 16 criminal counts, including bribery, in a federal corruption trial. The conviction, which he plans to appeal, solidifies his dramatic political downfall as prosecutors accused him of selling his office for personal gain. This outcome is deemed a significant triumph for the US Justice Department and federal prosecutor Damian Williams. Menendez's involvement in accepting bribes from businessmen for political favors, as revealed during the trial, underscores the severity of the corruption charges. With his wife facing separate charges and a history of mistrial, Menendez's conviction paints a stark picture of misconduct by a prominent political figure, making him only the seventh serving senator to be convicted in such a manner.
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The Ban on Jürgen Elsässer's 'Compact' Magazine: A Blow to Right-Wing Extremism

Jürgen Elsässer's magazine 'Compact' has been banned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, marking a significant blow to the right-wing extremist scene. Elsässer, a former leftist, has become a key player in the right-wing extremist movement, using 'Compact' as a platform to promote right-wing ideologies and conspiracy theories. The ban comes as a result of the magazine's incitement against Jews, people with a migration background, and parliamentary democracy. 'Compact' has been influential in drumming up support for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and has attracted a significant following, with reported circulation and YouTube subscribers in the tens of thousands. However, the ban does not come without risks, as it raises concerns about press freedom and the limits of free speech. Critics argue that while 'Compact' spreads hateful and extremist ideologies, a resilient rule of law must tolerate such publications. The success or failure of the ban will be crucial in determining the boundaries of press freedom and the level of tolerance for extremist viewpoints in German democracy.
16. Juli 2024 um 20:13

European Parliament Elects New Leadership Amidst Shifting Political Landscape

Today, the newly constituted European Parliament begins the process of electing its own leadership for the next five years. With a more conservative center and the rise of far-right factions, the 'Game of Thrones' for power in the EU is intensifying. The center alliance, consisting of the Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, and Liberals, holds a majority in the parliament and will play a crucial role in shaping decisions. However, there are divisions within the alliance, particularly regarding climate goals and EU debt. The influence of the Greens has weakened, as they are courted by some factions while kept at a distance by others. The far-right parties, including Fidesz and the National Rally, have formed new factions and are asserting their positions against the EU institutions. The newly elected members of the European Parliament have the power to appoint the leadership and potentially create a leadership chaos if Ursula von der Leyen does not receive the necessary votes for re-election as Commission President. The parliamentary landscape is also witnessing debates on key issues such as the end of combustion engines and stronger commitment to environmental protection. Overall, the European Parliament is navigating a shifting political landscape as it sets up a defense committee and confronts the challenges of the future.
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Germany Bans 'Compact' Magazine: A Blow Against the 'New Right'

The German government has banned the far-right Compact magazine, accusing it of inciting hatred and undermining democracy. The magazine, known for its tabloid-style articles, has been published since 2010 and has a circulation of around 40,000 copies. It is ideologically close to the AfD party and is considered a central actor in the networking of the 'New Right'. The ban includes the sale of the magazine, its website, and symbols associated with it. Compact's editor, Jürgen Elsässer, has expressed outrage at the ban, calling it an 'attack on press freedom'. The ban does not directly impact the AfD, but it deprives the right-wing fringe of the party of a platform for disseminating its content. The ban on Compact raises questions about the balance between press freedom and the need to counter right-wing extremism in Germany. This ban, while relatively rare, highlights the government's commitment to protecting democracy and combating hate speech and extremist ideologies.
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J.D. Vance: From Working-Class Child to Trump Disciple

Trump gibt die Wahl von Senator J.D. Vance zum Vizepräsidenten bekannt
J.D. Vance, the Ohio senator and author of 'Hillbilly Elegy,' has undergone a remarkable transformation in his political views. Once a sharp critic of Donald Trump, Vance is now a fervent supporter and has been named as Trump's running mate for the upcoming election. Vance's upbringing in the steel town of Middletown, Ohio, played a significant role in shaping his life and politics. His bestselling book provided insight into the struggles of the white working class and resonated with many who ultimately supported Trump. However, Vance's nomination has not been without controversy, with critics accusing him of being an extremist and questioning his views on issues such as abortion. Despite the criticism, Vance's nomination highlights the deep divide within American politics and the growing influence of Trumpism.
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Reflecting on Angela Merkel's Chancellorship at 70: A Mix of Criticism and Praise

Reflecting on Angela Merkel's Chancellorship at 70: A Mix of Criticism and Praise
As Angela Merkel celebrates her 70th birthday, reflections on her tenure as Chancellor emerge with a mix of criticism and praise. Former Health Minister Jens Spahn offers a balanced assessment, criticizing aspects of her refugee policy, relations with Russia, and the nuclear energy phase-out, while acknowledging her reforms and economic successes. Merkel's era saw stability in the pension system, the introduction of a retirement age of 67, successful management of the financial crisis, increased research funding, and reduced youth unemployment. However, Spahn points out three significant mistakes during her leadership: irregular migration since 2015, handling of Putin's Russia, and the nuclear phase-out. SPD leader Saskia Esken praises Merkel's exceptional empathy and compromise skills, highlighting similarities in their paths to party leadership. Merkel's centrist competence and strategic positioning are credited with strengthening Germany and Europe, despite the mix of opinions on her legacy.
16. Juli 2024 um 06:00

European Parliament Convenes: Shifting Dynamics and Power Struggles

The newly constituted European Parliament is meeting for the first time today, reflecting a fundamental change in the balance of power. With a stronger conservative center and a growing far-right presence, the election of top representatives has become a 'Game of Thrones' for power. The center alliance, consisting of Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, and Liberals, holds a broad majority and shapes decisions in the parliament. However, dissenters within this alliance may arise on controversial issues such as climate goals and EU debt. The influence of the Greens has weakened, as they are courted by some factions but kept at a distance by others. The rise of new far-right factions, such as the 'Patriots for Europe' and 'Identity and Democracy', adds complexity to the political landscape. The European Parliament faces the challenge of preventing these far-right parties from taking positions of responsibility. The parliament is more fragmented than ever, with eight parliamentary groups and no single dominant force. The right-wing fragmentation could hinder debates and agreements. The newly elected members have the power to appoint the EU leadership, including the re-election of Ursula von der Leyen as Commission President. However, her confirmation is not guaranteed, and a failure to secure the necessary votes could lead to a leadership chaos. As the parliament takes office, it grapples with divisions, power struggles, and the challenge of finding common ground amidst a shifting political landscape.
15. Juli 2024 um 20:08

EU Commissioners Boycott Meeting in Hungary over Orbán's Controversial Trips

The European Commission has taken the decision to boycott informal ministerial meetings organized by Hungary during its presidency of the EU Council. This comes as a response to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's controversial trips to Moscow, China, and the United States, where he met with Donald Trump. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that only officials, and not Commissioners, will participate in these meetings. Several EU member states, including Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland, are also considering similar reactions. The decision has been criticized by Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, while Commissioner Jutta Roswall called Orbán's approach harmful. This boycott comes at a critical time, as von der Leyen is facing an election in the European Parliament and is dependent on the votes of Social Democrats, Greens, and Liberals. It remains to be seen how this boycott will impact Hungary's presidency and its relationship with the EU.
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Federal Budget: Unveiling the Controversies and Challenges of the 2024 and 2025 Drafts

As the German government prepares to launch its budget for 2025, controversies and challenges surround the draft. Finance Minister Christian Lindner's alleged austerity measures have stirred tensions within the coalition, with accusations of broken promises and a billion-euro hole in the budget. A comparison of the figures reveals that most ministries are actually receiving more funding than originally planned, with Transport Minister Volker Wissing and Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger being the biggest winners. However, concerns remain about the financing gap and the viability of proposed measures. The draft budget aims to limit new borrowing and generate additional revenue through a growth package, but doubts persist about the adequacy of these solutions. With ongoing negotiations, the budget's fate hangs in the balance, reflecting the challenges faced by the traffic light coalition.
15. Juli 2024 um 15:14

Nancy Faeser Praises Emergency Services and the European Championship

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser expresses satisfaction with the European Championship, praising the emergency services for their role in ensuring a peaceful and successful tournament. The operation, which involved 22,000 police officers per day, resulted in over 8,300 illegal entries being registered, 1,112 arrest warrants executed, and over 100 hooligans prevented from entering. Faeser described it as the largest operation in the history of the Federal Police. The border controls, which were tightened for the tournament, are set to expire, but new controls are planned for the German-French border during the Olympics in Paris. While the FDP and Union parties are demanding an extension of the controls, Faeser criticizes this and highlights potential staff shortages for permanent controls. Despite some concerns about nationalism, the tournament was generally calm with only a few security incidents. The German team presented themselves as happy winners until the quarterfinals and then as brave losers after their defeat. The tournament provided a sense of community and Germany was seen as a good host. In the final, Spain emerged as the European football champion with a 2-1 victory against England.
15. Juli 2024 um 15:12

Investigation into Trump Assassination Attempt Underway as Republican National Convention Begins

Donald Trump wurde bei Schießerei auf Wahlkampfveranstaltung in Butler, Pennsylvania, verletzt
The FBI is currently investigating the shooting of former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania as an act of domestic terrorism. The suspect, Thomas Matthew Crooks, acted alone, and a motive for the attack is still unknown. The AR-style rifle used in the shooting has been recovered. Meanwhile, as the Republican National Convention kicks off in Milwaukee, activists have stated that the assassination attempt will not affect their plans to demonstrate outside the convention site. The convention is expected to proceed as scheduled, with security plans remaining unchanged. House speaker Mike Johnson has announced that Congress will conduct a full investigation into the security lapse that allowed the shooting to occur. The investigations into the incident and potential recriminations are expected to continue, and the Secret Service director has been summoned to appear before the House oversight committee. The RNC has not released a full slate of speakers yet, but Donald Trump is expected to give his nomination acceptance speech on Thursday. Despite the shooting, Trump remains determined to bring the country together through his speech, stating that it will be different from what he had originally planned. The FBI has not yet identified a motive for the shooting, and Joe Biden has called for unity and a rejection of political violence in the wake of the incident.
15. Juli 2024 um 15:06

The Impact of the Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump and the US Election

Donald Trump wurde bei Schießerei auf Wahlkampfveranstaltung in Butler, Pennsylvania, verletzt
The recent assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has raised questions about the future of the US election. The attack has led to concerns about the state of political violence in America and the potential for further escalation. While the outcome of the election is still uncertain, the attack has given Trump a breather and diverted attention away from his opponent, Joe Biden. The Republican Party now faces a choice - to continue with Trump's divisive rhetoric or to rein in his worst impulses. On the other hand, the Democrats must avoid making mistakes that have plagued the Republicans in the past. The attack has also had limited impact on the stock markets, highlighting the disconnect between political events and economic consequences. A photo capturing the attack has become iconic and is seen as a potential game-changer in the election campaign. Overall, the attack has brought a new level of intensity to the election and will continue to shape the discourse in the coming months.
15. Juli 2024 um 05:53

'Stability in the USA at risk': German politics react with disgust to Trump assassination attempt - Concern about escalation

Donald Trump wurde bei Schießerei auf Wahlkampfveranstaltung in Butler, Pennsylvania, verletzt
The attempted assassination of US presidential candidate Donald Trump has caused shock and great concern in Germany about a dangerous escalation of domestic politics in the USA. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) called the attack on Sunday 'disgusting'. Numerous other top politicians also condemned it. Foreign policy experts in the Bundestag expressed concern that the act of violence would make the important ally, the USA, more unstable and unpredictable, with implications for Germany as well. The assassination attempt is expected to influence the election outcome in the USA and could lead to further polarization and escalation, according to Union foreign policy expert Johann Wadephul (CDU). There are fears that conspiracy theories may arise, blaming President Biden for shortcomings that contributed to the attack. German politicians urged the rejection of violence in political discourse and emphasized the importance of democracy and peaceful dialogue. The attack on Trump is seen as not only an attack on him personally but also on American democracy. Experts and politicians warned of a potential spiral of violence and the need to address the growing polarization in US politics. The German government is also preparing for a possible Trump victory and the implications it may have for Germany and the EU. British politicians have also condemned the assassination attempt and expressed concerns about the rise in political violence and hate speech. The stability and political future of the USA have become a global concern, with international leaders calling for unity and a rejection of violence in political discourse.
15. Juli 2024 um 05:52

Parallels in Political Violence: Fico, Bolsonaro, and Trump

Political violence and assassination attempts have become a disturbing trend, with several prominent leaders narrowly escaping harm. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who survived an assassination attempt in May, drew parallels between his own attack and the recent shooting targeting former US President Donald Trump. Fico criticized the role of Slovak media, labeling them as adversaries and anti-Slovak. Similarly, Brazil's former president, Jair Bolsonaro, who survived a knife attack in 2018, sees similarities between his own experience and Trump's survival of an assassination attempt. Bolsonaro referred to Trump as the 'world's greatest political leader' and draws attention to the political polarization in both Brazil and the USA. The attempted assassination of Trump also garnered condemnation from Bulgarian politicians across the spectrum, who emphasized the threat that violence and hatred pose to democracy. In Poland, opposition politicians linked European Council President Donald Tusk to the attack on Trump, accusing the ruling coalition of fueling polarization. The incidents of political violence highlight the need for political maturity, dialogue, and the rejection of violence as a means to address political differences. These events serve as a stark reminder of the deep divisions and tensions present in contemporary politics.
14. Juli 2024 um 14:39

FDP calls for extension of border controls in Germany, sparking debate

The FDP (Free Democratic Party) is advocating for an extension of border controls at all German borders beyond the European Football Championship, a move that is being met with opposition by the SPD-led Federal Ministry of the Interior. The FDP argues that the controls have been effective in catching those trying to enter the country illegally. However, the Union and Greens have different views on the matter, with the former welcoming the proposal and the latter rejecting it. The police union also raises concerns about the sustainability of the controls due to staffing and equipment shortages. Meanwhile, Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann suggests reducing social benefits for asylum seekers entering Germany via another EU country as an alternative approach.
13. Juli 2024 um 19:58

US Senator Sanders Calls for Sticking with Biden's Candidacy

US President Joe Biden walks with US Senator Bernie Sanders, April 2024
US Senator Bernie Sanders, a prominent representative of the political left in the US, has expressed his support for the re-election of President Joe Biden, despite concerns about his health. Sanders believes that with an effective campaign targeting working families, Biden will not only defeat Donald Trump, but do so convincingly. He urges Democrats to stop the infighting and unite behind Biden. Despite doubts within his own party, Biden remains determined to continue his candidacy. Some former Democratic representatives and major donors have called for his withdrawal, but Biden remains steadfast in his commitment to run for the presidency.
13. Juli 2024 um 09:01

Post-NATO Summit Communication: USA-Russia Defense Talks and Ukraine's Diplomatic Efforts

Following the NATO summit, the defense ministers of the USA and Russia engaged in a phone conversation to address the risk reduction of potential escalations. The USA aims to deploy weapon systems in Germany by 2026, extending their reach towards Russia. Concurrently, Ukrainian President Selenskyy is in the USA advocating for increased support for his nation. Amidst these developments, the U.S. Defense Secretary spoke with the Russian counterpart, emphasizing the importance of ongoing communication amidst the Ukraine conflict. NATO, post-summit, has pledged enhanced support for Ukraine and aims to bolster defense capabilities while also preparing for potential shifts in US leadership that could impact NATO's strategies and operations.
12. Juli 2024 um 20:08

China's Accusations and NATO's Response at the NATO Summit

NATO Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium
China accuses NATO of prioritizing its security at the expense of others, urging the alliance to refrain from meddling in China's internal affairs. NATO, in turn, criticizes China for its support of Russia in the conflict, labeling it as a crucial enabler of the war. Despite NATO's deployment of missiles in Germany and substantial military aid to Ukraine, concerns persist over the lack of a clear path to NATO membership for Ukraine. China's strong response to NATO's allegations, emphasizing its commitment to peace and stability, further underscores the tensions between the two powers. The summit also highlights the growing discord between NATO and China, as seen in joint drills near Poland and China's expanding relationships in the Asia-Pacific region. The accusations and counter-accusations at the summit reflect the complex geopolitical landscape and escalating tensions between major global players.
12. Juli 2024 um 20:07

Finland's Response to Migrants Crossing from Russia Sparks Controversy

Finland's parliament is poised to pass a bill granting border guards the authority to turn back asylum seekers coming from Russia in an effort to combat what they perceive as Russia weaponizing migration. The move, seen as a response to Russia's alleged encouragement of migrants to cross the border, is leading to divisions among lawmakers as concerns about potential violations of international human rights agreements emerge. The controversial law, aiming to reject asylum seekers directly at the border without processing their applications, has sparked debates on the clash between national security and human rights. Legal experts doubt the law's compatibility with EU regulations and Finland's constitution, highlighting the complex challenges faced by countries at the intersection of migration and geopolitics.
12. Juli 2024 um 20:04

Plans to station rockets in Germany raise fears of an arms race

Verteidigungsminister Pistorius beim NATO Summit in Austin, 10. Juli 2024
The recent announcement of plans to station US long-range rockets in Germany has sparked concerns about a new arms race. The decision to deploy these weapons is aimed at better deterring Russia. However, critics argue that this move will only escalate tensions and make the world more dangerous. Supporters of the plan believe it is necessary to enhance defense capabilities in the face of increasing threats. The decision has drawn mixed reactions from different political parties, with some expressing support and others voicing sharp criticism. Additionally, discussions between the Kremlin and the Pentagon are underway to reduce the risk of a potential escalation between Russia and the United States. The Bundeswehr, Germany's armed forces, has also developed secret plans to deploy soldiers to NATO's eastern flank in case of further escalations.
12. Juli 2024 um 20:00

Russian Plot Unveiled: Rheinmetall CEO Targeted in Alleged Assassination Attempt

Armin Papperger, CEO Rheinmetall
A recent report by US broadcaster CNN revealed a chilling revelation - the Russian government had allegedly orchestrated an assassination attempt on Armin Papperger, the CEO of Rheinmetall. Fortunately, swift intervention from US and German authorities averted the looming threat, part of a broader scheme targeting European defense executives supporting Ukraine. While Russia dismisses these claims as 'fake news,' the seriousness of the situation is underscored by Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock as a stark example of Russia's 'hybrid war of aggression.' The heightened tensions are further exacerbated as Rheinmetall, a key player in defense manufacturing, plans to supply Ukraine with military vehicles amidst escalating conflict. As the world watches this unfolding drama, the episode serves as a stark reminder of the geopolitical complexities and risks faced by the defense industry in an increasingly volatile landscape.
12. Juli 2024 um 15:02

Postal Service Reform: DHL Adopts Costlier Package Class for Heavier Shipments

Amid a postal service reform, DHL has revamped its pricing structure, introducing a pricier tier for packages weighing 10 to 20 kilos, along with another for 20 to 31.5 kilos. The aim is to alleviate strain on parcel delivery personnel, reducing the risk of back issues. In response to new postal regulations safeguarding workers' health, DHL has notably raised prices for heavier packages, requiring two-person delivery for items over 20 kilos if technical aids are lacking. The German Post Office follows suit, elevating rates for packages exceeding 20 kilograms, necessitating dual-person handling or technological support. These modifications, effective soon, will apply to book and merchandise shipments as well.
12. Juli 2024 um 09:06

Russia's Hybrid War Against Ukraine and NATO

NATO Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium
The ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia intensifies as Russia adopts hybrid warfare tactics to undermine NATO's support for Ukraine. Russia is conducting GPS disruptions, covert social media activities, and disinformation campaigns to weaken NATO's backing of Ukraine. Alleged Russian agents were reportedly planning attacks on Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger, causing outrage in Germany. Additionally, two Russian-born citizens were arrested in Australia for espionage, further highlighting Russia's aggressive actions towards NATO countries. The Ukrainian Air Force intercepted five Russian cruise missiles and 11 drones, illustrating the constant threat Ukraine faces. Amidst the conflict, Ukraine is eagerly awaiting the delivery of F-16 fighter jets and sees NATO membership as the ultimate solution. NATO is adapting to the new geopolitical realities and plans to station medium-range missiles in Germany while emphasizing the need for increased defense spending. As the war intensifies, it is crucial for NATO countries to address the growing threat and support Ukraine without risking direct confrontation with Russia.
12. Juli 2024 um 07:01

Russia's Criticism and NATO's Decisions: Tensions and Concerns in the Ukraine War

NATO Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium
The war in Ukraine continues to cause grief and concern as tensions rise. At the NATO summit, no multi-year commitments or clear accession perspectives for Ukraine were decided, leaving Ukrainians worried. Russia criticizes Armenia's participation in the summit and announces a reaction to the deployment of US long-range missiles in Germany. Dmitry Medvedev suggests that Russia would continue the war even if Ukraine accepts peace terms to destroy the 'beast'. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius expects adjustments in the 2025 budget in favor of defense. The planned deployment of US weapons in Germany is criticized as a return to the Cold War. Chancellor Olaf Scholz acknowledges the threats posed by Russia. The UN General Assembly calls on Russia to withdraw from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. NATO pledges military aid for Ukraine, including Patriot air defense systems. However, Ukraine may not be ready for a major counteroffensive this year. Russia refuses to attend a proposed second peace summit, demanding that Ukraine abandon NATO ambitions. The Kremlin condemns the deployment of US weapons in Germany as a step 'towards the Cold War'. Dialogue between Russia and Ukraine remains uncertain.
12. Juli 2024 um 07:00

Habeck's Potential as the Green Party's Chancellor Candidate

Robert Habeck
After Annalena Baerbock's decision to step down as the Green Party's candidate for chancellor, attention now turns to the ambitions of Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck. Green Party parliamentary leader Katharina Dröge expressed confidence in Habeck's abilities and stated that he must decide for himself if he wants to pursue the candidacy. Habeck's recent statements indicate that further decisions regarding the chancellor candidacy will be made by the Green Party's federal board. While some members of the party express expectations that Habeck will play a crucial role in the upcoming election, others have doubts about his ability to unite the party. Despite the challenges, Habeck's potential as the Green Party's chancellor candidate remains uncertain, especially considering the party's declining support in polls and the reluctance of other parties to form a coalition under a Green chancellor.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:58

Germany Implements Phased Ban on Huawei from 5G Networks

Huawei Technologies Headquarter, Boulogne-Billancourt
The German federal government, in collaboration with mobile network operators, has finalized an agreement to gradually eliminate Chinese 5G technology, particularly from providers like Huawei, by 2029. This decision entails the removal of critical components of Chinese origin from core networks by 2026 and the subsequent elimination of Chinese software from antenna and access networks. Despite initial resistance and criticism, the ban on Huawei and ZTE components in the 5G network aims to bolster national security and enhance the resilience of the telecommunications infrastructure. The move reflects a broader trend in Europe to safeguard critical networks, with Germany following suit in response to security concerns. While some stakeholders view the transition timelines as lengthy, the phased approach signals a strategic shift towards a more secure and domestically controlled 5G ecosystem. The decision has already prompted reactions from industry players and political figures, showcasing a mix of support and reservations regarding the implementation details.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:56

Escalating Tensions: US Long-Range Weapons Deployment in Germany and Russia's Response

Verteidigungsminister Pistorius beim NATO Summit in Austin, 10. Juli 2024
The recent announcement of the planned deployment of US long-range weapons in Germany has sparked heightened tensions between the US and Russia. Russia has expressed strong opposition to the move and has vowed to take 'military measures' in response. The decision to station missiles in Germany, including Tomahawk and SM-6 air defense missiles, is seen as a direct challenge to Russia's security by Moscow. Russian officials have cautioned that this deployment could lead to a return of Cold War dynamics and a potential 'arms race'. Despite this, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has supported the plan, emphasizing its role in deterrence and peacekeeping. In a parallel response to the perceived threat from Russia, Germany, along with France, Italy, and Poland, has initiated a joint project to develop ground-based cruise missiles with a range of up to 2000 kilometers. This initiative aims to bolster European defense capabilities and fill gaps exposed by Russia's actions in Ukraine. The collaborative effort underscores the growing concerns regarding security in the region and the need for enhanced deterrence measures. By jointly developing long-range weapons, European nations seek to establish a stronger defense posture to address the evolving threat landscape posed by Russia's aggressive stance. The alignment of European partners in this endeavor reflects a concerted effort to ensure regional security and stability amidst escalating geopolitical tensions.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:53

Escalating Tensions in the Ukraine War: Threats, Demands, and Defense Measures

The war in Ukraine continues to escalate, with various developments and statements being reported in the live ticker. Chancellor Olaf Scholz acknowledges the threats posed by Russia and emphasizes Germany's awareness of the situation. The UN General Assembly calls on Russia to withdraw from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius expects adjustments in the federal budget to favor the defense budget. The Kremlin criticizes the planned deployment of US long-range weapons in Germany, seeing it as a return to the Cold War. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy demands the lifting of all restrictions on the use of Western weapons against Russian territory. The USA announces another aid package for Ukraine, including a Patriot air defense system. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg accuses Russia of a campaign of hostile actions against the Alliance. The seriousness of the situation is highlighted by Christoph Heusgen, who criticizes the German government's communication on the war. Meanwhile, Hungary accuses NATO partners of double standards, and the UK calls on NATO allies to increase defense commitments. Amidst these tensions, Chancellor Scholz rejects unlimited use of weapons against Russia to prevent an escalation into a NATO war. The situation remains tense, with both sides making demands and taking defense measures.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:49

Alleged Russian Assassination Plans Spark Outrage and Concern in Germany

Armin Papperger, CEO Rheinmetall
The recent revelation of alleged Russian assassination plans targeting Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger has sparked outrage and deep concern in Germany and beyond. Reports from CNN and US intelligence agencies have shed light on Russia's purported plot to eliminate Papperger due to the company's support for Ukraine by providing weapons. This assassination plan, described as a significant escalation in Russia's hybrid warfare tactics, has prompted strong condemnation from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other politicians. The thwarting of the attack by the USA and Germany, as well as the subsequent increase in security measures for Papperger, highlights the gravity of the situation. Furthermore, the discovery that Russia had planned a series of murders targeting European defense industry executives supporting Ukraine underscores the extent of the threat. The incident has put a spotlight on the complex dynamics of the conflict in Ukraine and the lengths to which Russia may go in its aggressive tactics. As details continue to emerge, the focus remains on ensuring the safety of individuals at risk and addressing the broader implications of such targeted attacks on international security and stability.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:47

NATO Allies' Strategic Maneuvers Amid Speculations on Biden's Second-Term Prospects

NATO Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium
Amid the NATO summit in Washington, concerns over US President Joe Biden's potential second term and the looming shadow of a return to a Trump administration have stirred unease among NATO allies. While publicly maintaining a united front, NATO leaders privately acknowledged the pivotal nature of the summit as a 'last chance' to showcase the alliance's success and secure Western support for Ukraine. The alliance is strategically navigating the uncertainties by actively engaging with Trump allies to gauge potential future impacts on NATO unity and aid to Ukraine should Trump reclaim the presidency. Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised Biden's leadership, underscoring the US's enduring commitment to NATO regardless of election outcomes. The summit also saw diverging approaches as Zelensky secured military aid and prioritized Ukraine's accession, while Orbán's interactions with Putin and Xi Jinping raised concerns about potential shifts in US foreign policy post-elections. Amid the backdrop of escalating tensions, NATO's decisions to bolster military aid for Ukraine and station long-range weapons in Germany reflect a proactive stance against Russian criticisms. Emmanuel Macron's reassurances of France's unwavering commitment to European security amidst domestic political turbulence further underscore the complex dynamics at play within the NATO alliance.
11. Juli 2024 um 20:04

FDP Politician Anna-Elisabeth von Treuenfels-Frowein's Move to CDU Signals Political Shift in Hamburg

Anna-Elisabeth von Treuenfels-Frowein, a prominent FDP politician in Hamburg, has announced her switch to the CDU ahead of the 2023 state parliament election, aiming for the second spot on the CDU list. This move follows what the FDP terms as an 'estrangement' between her and the party, with von Treuenfels-Frowein herself emphasizing a desire for a 'fresh start'. Her transition to the CDU is indicative of a broader trend where 'traffic light' politicians are aligning with the CDU, marking a significant shift in the political landscape of Hamburg. CDU chairman Dennis Thering praised von Treuenfels-Frowein as the 'strongest and most prominent liberal voice' in the city, highlighting the significance of her defection. Von Treuenfels-Frowein's assertion that a 'strong bourgeois political center' must stand united underscores her belief in the CDU's values and principles. The Hamburg political scene is abuzz with discussions surrounding this move, with the CDU swiftly incorporating her into their parliamentary group and positioning her for a prominent role in the upcoming elections, shaping the dynamics of the state's political future.
11. Juli 2024 um 20:02

Baerbock defends US missile deployment against criticism from the Greens

Annalena Baerbock
Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock of the Green Party has defended the agreement to station US long-range missiles in Germany, despite criticism from within her own party. Baerbock argues that in order to maintain peace and freedom and protect against potential Russian aggression, it is necessary for NATO partners to work together to ensure the best possible defense. This decision has raised concerns about a potential arms race and the escalation of the conflict with Russia. However, Chancellor Scholz and Defense Minister Pistorius support the deployment, emphasizing the need for deterrence and Germany's own protection. The Kremlin has condemned the agreement, viewing it as a step towards a new Cold War. Russia has warned of military retaliation, while some in Germany fear that the country will become more vulnerable to attack. Despite the criticism, the German government welcomes the decision, aligning it with their national security strategy. The Green Party, on the other hand, has shifted its focus to Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck as a potential candidate for the upcoming federal election, following Baerbock's announcement that she will not run for chancellor again.
11. Juli 2024 um 14:45

Solution in Sight for Dispute over 5G Components from Chinese Manufacturers

The long-standing dispute over the ban of Chinese components in the latest 5G mobile network seems to be coming to an end, according to a media report. Government officials and mobile network providers have reportedly agreed on the outlines of a solution. The first step will involve removing components from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei or ZTE from the core network by 2026. The core network refers to the central 5G data centers for data transmission. In a second phase, Chinese components will be removed from the management system of the access and transport network by the end of 2029. Penalties will be imposed for any violations of this timeline. The agreement is expected to be formally sealed soon. The German government considers the 5G network as the 'central nervous system' of the country's economy and believes it must be highly protected. The concerns about network security stem from the legal obligation of Chinese companies to cooperate closely with the state, raising fears of potential sabotage or espionage. The recent Russian aggression towards Ukraine has also influenced the assessment of critical infrastructure vulnerability. To avoid dependencies, Germany plans to largely exclude Huawei and ZTE from its 5G network by 2029, with an interim step in 2026. The banning of Chinese components in the 5G network is aimed at ensuring network security and protecting against potential threats.
11. Juli 2024 um 14:38

Deployment of US Missiles in Germany: A Deterrent That Startles

Verteidigungsminister Pistorius begrüßt die geplante Stationierung von US-Langstreckenwaffen in Deutschland ab 2026
The planned deployment of US long-range weapons in Germany is causing irritation. The Greens are demanding an explanation from the Chancellor, the Left Party and the BSW are warning of an arms race. The SPD and CDU welcome the plans as a deterrent against Russia. Defense Minister Pistorius sees this as a 'mandate' for Germany to invest in the development and procurement of such weapons to close a 'capability gap' in Europe. For the first time since the Cold War, US weapon systems with a range of significantly more than 2,000 kilometers are to be stationed in Germany, including Tomahawk cruise missiles, SM-6 air defense missiles and new hypersonic weapons. The weapons are initially to be stationed on a rotational basis and later permanently in Germany. The plans to deploy US long-range missiles in Germany have raised concerns about a new arms race. While Defense Minister Pistorius welcomes the plans, politicians from the SPD, Greens and Left Party criticize the decision as dangerous and demand a better explanation from Chancellor Scholz. The deployment is intended to be temporary, until Germany and Europe can develop their own long-range missiles. The Greens are demanding an explanation from Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the background and financial aspects of the planned deployment of US long-range weapons in Germany. They criticize that Scholz has not commented on this so far, although a clear classification is urgently needed. The Left warns of a new arms race and sees the deployment as problematic, as it increases the risk of Germany itself becoming a theater of war. The plans to station US long-range weapons in Germany are met with a divided echo. While Defense Minister Pistorius welcomes the plans, the Greens criticize that Chancellor Scholz has not sufficiently explained the decision. The opposition sees the stationing as a danger to peace and warns of a new arms race. The USA announced that they will be stationing long-range weapons in Germany again for the first time since the 1990s starting in 2026. These are intended to deter Russia and defend the NATO alliance territory. Critics see this as a relapse into the Cold War and fear a risky arms race. Russia is preparing military countermeasures in response to the planned American deployment of longer-range missiles in Germany. The Russian deputy foreign minister stated that the U.S. move is 'destructive to regional safety and strategic stability' and that Russia will develop a military response. Defense Minister Pistorius welcomes the planned stationing of US long-range weapons in Germany from 2026. He sees this as a mandate for Germany to invest in such weapons itself in order to strengthen Europe's defense capabilities. The weapons are intended to serve as a deterrent against Russia. The Green Party faction leader Katharina Dröge welcomes the NATO decisions to station far-reaching US weapons in Germany. However, she demands a public explanation from Chancellor Scholz in order to address the concerns of the population. Russia has threatened to retaliate militarily if the US deploys long-range missiles to Germany. The US plans to deploy Tomahawk cruise missiles, SM-6 missiles, and hypersonic missiles to Germany starting in 2026 as part of its commitment to NATO and European security. Defense Minister Pistorius is confident that the United States will continue the deployment of long-range weapons in Germany even under a possible US President Donald Trump. He sees this as an important capability gap in Europe that needs to be closed. Pistorius emphasizes that the deployment of US weapons calls on Germany and other European countries to invest in the development and procurement of such weapons themselves.
11. Juli 2024 um 09:11

The Urgency for Germany to Develop Long-Range Weapons Amid Escalating Tensions

Verteidigungsminister Pistorius beim NATO Summit in Austin, 10. Juli 2024
As tensions rise in Europe, German Defense Minister Pistorius emphasizes the necessity for Germany to develop its own long-range weapons, including Tomahawk cruise missiles and hypersonic weapons, as the USA plans to station such arms in Germany from 2026. Despite the looming deployment of US weapons, Russia's refusal to participate in peace summits exacerbates the conflict. Pistorius sees the deployment of US long-range weapons as a crucial step for Germany to bridge the 'capability gap in Europe' and enhance national security. The recent announcement of Russia's intention to respond to US missile deployment with 'military measures' underscores the increasing volatility in the region. Amid reports of Russian missile and drone attacks in Ukraine, including the firing of Iskander-M ballistic missiles and Iranian drones, the urgency for Germany to bolster its defense capabilities becomes evident. Ukrainian soldiers facing ammunition shortages highlight the challenges on the ground, while Poland's refusal to shoot down Russian missiles over its airspace adds another layer of complexity to the situation. Pistorius's confidence in the US, even under a potential President Donald Trump, to uphold the deployment of long-range weapons underscores the gravity of the situation. As Russia criticizes Armenia's NATO alignment and China warns against confrontation, the need for diplomatic solutions and strategic defense preparedness becomes increasingly paramount.


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