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20. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Cyprus Marks 50th Anniversary of Political Division

Cyprus commemorates the 50th anniversary of its political division, with the Greek Cypriot-controlled south and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north. The division was sparked by a Greek Cypriot National Guard coup supported by the Greek military junta, leading to a Turkish invasion in 1974. The invasion resulted in the displacement of 40% of the population and the establishment of the Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Turkey. Efforts for reunification, including a UN-led plan in 2004, have failed. Turkish President Erdogan rejects further negotiations for reunification, while Cyprus President Christodoulides insists on the need for reunification. The division remains a contentious issue, with a UN peacekeeping force monitoring the buffer zone. The anniversary is marked by ceremonies, including a wreath-laying ceremony in honor of fallen soldiers, and a military parade in the north with Erdogan in attendance. The island's capital, Nicosia, remains the only divided capital in the world. Despite the challenges, there are individuals, like Louis Hadjiloizi and Kemal Mustafa Deveci, who are working towards reconciliation and envision a future of peace for Cyprus.


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