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22. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Iran and Russia Deepen Military Cooperation with Joint Naval Exercise

Iran and Russia have reaffirmed their strategic cooperation with a joint military exercise in the Caspian Sea. The exercise includes tactical exercises, rescue operations, and anti-piracy measures. Ships from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are also participating. The two countries have been working closely together for years, with Iran supplying drones and glide bombs to Russia, which are also used in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The new Iranian President, Massud Peseschkian, aims to improve relations with the West but is not willing to jeopardize cooperation with Russia. Meanwhile, Ukraine has reached a basic agreement with international creditors to restructure its debts, securing further funds for its defense against Russia. The Ukrainian army is successfully using combat drones against the enemy, while Russia claims to have shot down 75 Ukrainian drones overnight. The deployment of long-range US weapons in Germany is being defended by the German Bundeswehr chief as a 'clever deterrence.' Hungary is blocking EU aid for Ukraine. In the midst of all this, a fire at a Russian oil refinery in Tuapse caused by a Ukrainian drone attack has been extinguished. The war in Ukraine is currently a higher priority for the Kremlin than US politics.
22. Juli 2024 um 09:00

Russia Intercepts 75 Ukrainian Drones, Fires Iskander-M Missiles at Ukrainian Military Convoys

Russia claims to have intercepted 75 Ukrainian drones over border regions, including 47 over Rostov, 17 over the Black and Azov Seas, and 8 over Krasnodar, as well as individual drones over Belgorod, Voronezh, and Smolensk. In Tuapse, drone fragments caused a fire at an oil refinery, which was extinguished by around 100 security personnel with no injuries reported. Additionally, Russia reportedly launched Iskander-M missiles at two Ukrainian military convoys near Barvenkovo, destroying 60 military assets and killing over 200 Ukrainian troops. This attack highlights the vulnerabilities in Ukrainian air defenses and the ability of Russia to conduct precision strikes deep into Ukrainian territory. Ukraine has not yet commented on the reported attack. In another incident, Russian jets prevented two US B-52H bombers from violating their Barents Sea border, causing the bombers to change course. This comes after recent incidents of Russian jets colliding with a US drone in the Black Sea and conducting aggressive flybys near US ships.


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