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18. Juli 2024 um 19:55

YouTube Videos for AI Training: Apple Intelligence without Data from 'The Pile'

Apple Intelligence was not trained on the dataset The Pile, which contains subtitles of 170,000 YouTube videos. Instead, Apple developed the open-source language model OpenELM for research purposes. Apple's web crawler Applebot can also collect content without permission via robots.txt. Apple filters out credit card data, obscenity and low-quality content from its training data. Instead, Apple uses licensed content and its own data for Apple Intelligence. Investigations have revealed that over 100k YouTube videos have been scraped to train AI used by Apple, Nvidia, Anthropic, and Salesforce. Jingna Zhang founded the Cara app to protect creators, and the University of Chicago is working on Nightshade to 'poison' images and limit what AI can glean from them.
5. Juli 2024 um 06:26

AI Chip Makers Soar: Analysts Reset Stock Price Targets After Trillion-Dollar Q2

AI Chip Makers Soar: Analysts Reset Stock Price Targets After Trillion-Dollar Q2
The recent surge in the market values of AI chip makers like Nvidia and Micron has prompted analysts to reset their stock price targets. Nvidia's Blackwell system and Micron's strong performance in the AI-memory-chip market have garnered positive attention. Tesla's upcoming robotaxi event and Apple's AI push are also influencing analysts' predictions. While Nvidia and Apple are vying to reach $4 trillion market cap, the AI frenzy is driving the expansion of the trillion-dollar club, with companies like TSMC and SK Hynix benefiting from the AI boom. Overall, the accelerating demand for AI technologies is reshaping the stock market landscape and fueling optimism among investors and analysts alike.
30. Juni 2024 um 19:56

Google's Parent Company and Apple's AI Developments: Analysts' Insights

Google's Parent Company and Apple's AI Developments: Analysts' Insights
Analysts are reassessing Google's parent company, Alphabet's, stock price target following a survey indicating Google's leading position in consumer mindshare for AI. Apple is rumored to integrate Google's Gemini chatbot and introduce Apple Intelligence, aiming for direct profits and subscription features. Meanwhile, Apple's AI push is anticipated to positively impact its stock price, with a focus on enhancing tasks like summarization and photo editing within its ecosystem. Mark Zuckerberg raises concerns over AI companies like Google and OpenAI aiming to create a 'God', emphasizing practical tools development at Meta.


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