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21. Juli 2024 um 23:55

Green Party Leader Lang Keeps Chancellor Candidacy Open, Prioritizes Young Voters' Needs

Green Party leader Lang remains open to the possibility of nominating a candidate for chancellor, emphasizing the importance of addressing young voters' interests. Despite low poll numbers, the party aims to have a single figure lead them into the election campaign. Lang attributes the Green Party's losses among young voters and the AfD's gains to neglecting young people's concerns after the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Highlighting the Greens' reliability in supporting Ursula von der Leyen's re-election, Lang stresses the urgency of refocusing on the youth's needs, especially in education policy. Looking ahead to 2025, Lang envisions a Green chancellorship, with Robert Habeck emerging as a potential candidate. The decision on the chancellor candidacy is expected in 2023, with discussions around Habeck, while Baerbock opts not to run again. The Green Party's strategy to have one leader at the forefront of the election campaign aims to enhance trust and clarity among voters.
21. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Protests Against Tourism Overcrowding in the Balearic Islands

Menschen halten ein Plakat mit der Aufschrift „Tourismus ja, aber nicht so“ während einer Demonstration gegen Übertourismus und Immobilienpreise in Palma de Mallorca am 21. Juli 2024
Over 12,000 people took part in a major demonstration in Palma to demand limits on tourism. The Balearic Islands are facing overcrowding due to mass tourism, and protesters are calling for an end to the tourism monoculture. This protest is a wake-up call for the government to take action and implement measures to address the issue. The demonstration follows previous protests in 2017 and last May, highlighting the difficulties caused by mass tourism, such as access to housing and rising prices. The protesters are advocating for measures such as a minimum residency requirement to purchase a home, reducing commercial flights, and banning private jets. They also want to eliminate budget items for tourism promotion and expand tax measures on the tourism industry. Despite existing attempts to address overcrowding, such as a tourist tax, a moratorium on new places, and restrictions on cruise ships and cars, these actions have not provided a clear solution. Social discontent is growing, with concerns about the impact on water resources, rising prices, and the overall quality of life for residents. The protesters are calling for sustainable tourism that respects nature and ensures the long-term viability of the islands.
21. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Baerbock Defends Deployment of US Long-Range Weapons in Germany

Foreign Minister Baerbock supports the deployment of US long-range weapons in Germany to deter Russia and protect Baltic allies against Putin's aggressive arsenal expansion. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine underscores the importance of maintaining peace in Europe. While SPD's Mützenich raises concerns about escalation risks, he acknowledges NATO's existing deterrence capabilities without new weapon systems. The planned deployment includes Tomahawk cruise missiles, SM-6 air defense missiles, and cutting-edge hypersonic weapons. Additionally, the German government aims to accelerate the construction of new arms factories to bolster national defense, emphasizing the need for stronger leadership in Europe amidst growing threats.
21. Juli 2024 um 05:50

Global IT Outage Causes Flight Operations Disruption

Global IT Outage Causes Flight Operations Disruption
A global IT outage led to chaos affecting flight operations, hospitals, and media worldwide. Sydney Airport faced delays but check-in services are returning in Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Indonesia, and Singapore. BER Airport had self-service check-in issues, pushing UK travelers towards ferries. BSI President Plattner took swift action after the faulty security software from Crowdstrike caused the unprecedented disruption. Experts like Junade Ali highlighted the severity of the situation, warning about common cause failures due to tech reliance. Despite the havoc, Beijing airports remained unaffected, underscoring the widespread impact of the IT crash.
20. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Commemoration of Resistance against Hitler on the 80th Anniversary of the Assassination Attempt

On the 80th anniversary of the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler, the leaders of the state and government will pay tribute to the resistance fighters against Nazi rule. A commemoration ceremony will take place in the courtyard of the Berlin Bendlerblock, where Chancellor Olaf Scholz will deliver a speech and lay a wreath with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. In the afternoon, around 400 recruits of the Bundeswehr will take their solemn oath in the Bendlerblock. Chancellor Scholz will emphasize the threat to democracy, while Defense Minister Boris Pistorius will give the oath speech. The Bendlerblock, now the location of the Ministry of Defense, was where Hitler assassin Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and other conspirators were executed after the coup attempt in 1944. On this anniversary, Chancellor Scholz calls for the protection of democracy and highlights Germany's responsibility in the Ukraine conflict. The event also includes a discussion with descendants of the Hitler assassins, Alfred von Hofacker and Annette von Schlabrendorff, who reflect on the day's significance for their country and families.
20. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Belarus proposes 'solutions' for German sentenced to death

The government in Belarus is reportedly proposing 'solutions' in the case of a German man sentenced to death in the country. The man, who was convicted on charges of terrorism and mercenary activity, has been in custody since November 2023. The process is related to the Kastus-Kalinouski Regiment, a Belarusian volunteer group fighting against Russia. The international human rights organization Wjasna brought attention to the case, which has been partly held behind closed doors. The German Foreign Office and the embassy in Minsk are providing support to the man, with consular access granted. Belarus is the only European country that still carries out the death penalty, and executions are not made public nor are bodies handed to families. Belarus is a close ally of Russia.
20. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Pistorius Insists on Change in Financial Policy - Reprimand from Mützenich

Pistorius Insists on Change in Financial Policy - Reprimand from Mützenich
Bundesverteidigungsminister Boris Pistorius criticizes the compromise of around 53 billion euros for next year's defense budget and instead demands around 58 billion euros. He questions the financial policy course of the traffic light coalition and wants more money for the Bundeswehr to ensure the security of Germany in the face of the threat from Russia. SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich rejects Pistorius' proposal as the defense budget is increasing and the debt brake should be adhered to. Mützenich continues to emphasize the possibility of declaring an emergency situation. Despite the cabinet's decision on the budget, Pistorius will continue to fight for more money for the Bundeswehr in the parliamentary process in September. The final decision is scheduled for the end of the year. Mützenich criticizes the planned deployment of Tomahawk missiles and hypersonic weapons in Germany, warns of the risk of escalation, and calls for arms control and the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons that could be dropped by Bundeswehr aircraft. He emphasizes the need to improve defense capability in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
20. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Global IT Outage Paralyzes Air Travel and Causes Chaos Worldwide

Global IT Outage Paralyzes Air Travel and Causes Chaos Worldwide
A global IT outage, caused by a bug in a CrowdStrike update, has resulted in widespread disruption to air travel, rail traffic, and broadcasting in numerous countries. Major airports such as Berlin's BER and Sydney's airport experienced shutdowns, while airlines like Delta, United, and American Airlines suspended operations. The impact also extended to hospitals and media outlets. The outage affected countries including Australia, Singapore, the USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. The magnitude of the disruption was unprecedented, according to cybersecurity experts. CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm responsible for the flawed update, has since found a solution. While the situation is slowly improving, there are still delays and cancellations at some airports, and passengers are advised to check their flight status. The outage highlights the vulnerability of global technological infrastructure and the need for businesses to have contingency plans and diversify their cloud services. It serves as a reminder that even routine software updates can have significant consequences.
20. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Germany's Historical Responsibility: Support for Ukraine and Preparing for a Second Trump Term

Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz justifies Germany's support for Ukraine by invoking the country's historical responsibility in light of the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler 80 years ago. Scholz condemns Russia's war against Ukraine and emphasizes the need to protect democracy against extremism. Meanwhile, Green European politician Anton Hofreiter rejects concerns about the deployment of US missiles in Germany, stating that it could contribute to more security. On the other hand, SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich opposes the delivery of cruise missiles to Ukraine, emphasizing that Germany is already providing arms, financial, and humanitarian aid. Russian state propaganda reacts with satisfaction to the death of Ukrainian politician Iryna Farion, while a Russian drone attack disrupts the power and water supply in the Poltava region of Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken believes Ukraine is on its way to self-sufficiency militarily and highlights the commitment of over 20 countries to provide support even if the US withdraws. As the possibility of a second Trump term looms, Germany needs to prepare for potential challenges in defense and trade, particularly with respect to rising tariffs and gas prices. It is crucial for Germany to strengthen its defense capabilities and work towards a united and strong European Union to effectively address these challenges.
20. Juli 2024 um 09:00

Global Tech Outage Disrupts Flights, Banks, Hospitals, and Media Outlets

Global Tech Outage Disrupts Flights, Banks, Hospitals, and Media Outlets
A major global IT outage caused by a faulty CrowdStrike software update has disrupted critical services worldwide. Flights have been grounded, banks and hospitals have been affected, and media outlets have been knocked off the air. The White House is working with CrowdStrike to resolve the issue, and the CEO has issued an apology. The impact has been widespread, with airports such as Berlin and Zurich experiencing disruptions, and Australian banks, airlines, and media organizations also affected. The outage has caused delays and cancellations in various industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. Experts are warning that the recovery process may take weeks, highlighting the need for resilience in IT infrastructure. The incident has had a significant financial impact, with CrowdStrike's stock price plummeting. However, it is not expected to have a long-term effect on the company's market cap. Microsoft has confirmed that the issue was caused by a faulty CrowdStrike update.
19. Juli 2024 um 23:55

FDP's Kubicki Criticizes Merz and Plans to Run Again Despite Announced Withdrawal

FDP's Kubicki Criticizes Merz and Plans to Run Again Despite Announced Withdrawal
Friedrich Merz criticizes FDP for lack of support for von der Leyen's re-election, while Wolfgang Kubicki wishes Merz a 'good journey into the abyss' with the Greens. Kubicki, despite previously announcing his withdrawal, plans to run again in the upcoming Bundestag elections due to FDP's low poll numbers and the problematic situation in the traffic light coalition. The 72-year-old FDP vice-chairman and Bundestag vice-president aims to lead the FDP with party leader Christian Lindner towards a double-digit voter approval. Kubicki criticizes the Ampel-Koalition and sees FDP's situation as challenging because of the Ukraine conflict. While ruling out a ministerial position, he considers the fight for freedom rights as his last battle in this legislative period. Additionally, Klaus von Dohnanyi, a 96-year-old former Social Democrat politician, supports Sahra Wagenknecht and her new alliance. Von Dohnanyi criticizes Chancellor Olaf Scholz's Ukraine policy and the SPD for giving up on peace policy. He sees the conflict as a proxy war against Russia on behalf of the US and calls for a diplomatic solution considering Russian security interests. Despite his disappointment with the SPD, von Dohnanyi does not plan to leave the party.
19. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Israel's Parliament Rejects Palestinian State

Israel's parliament, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the opposition party, votes against the establishment of a Palestinian state, a move criticized by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and others. The rejection of the two-state solution further distances the possibility of peace. Germany and the USA emphasize that a Palestinian state must be agreed upon through peace negotiations. The resolution could be seen as a provocation ahead of Netanyahu's visit to the USA. The German government criticizes the resolution, stating that it goes against UN resolutions and isolates Israel. Berlin warns of Israel's potential isolation and the Hamas taking control of such a state. Several countries, including Spain, Ireland, and Norway, have already recognized Palestinian territories as a state. The voting result is seen as a setback for peace efforts and calls for a new approach instead of hoping for elections and moderation.
19. Juli 2024 um 13:28

Global Cyber Outage Disrupts Industries, Grounds Flights, and Causes Worldwide Chaos

Global Cyber Outage Disrupts Industries, Grounds Flights, and Causes Worldwide Chaos
A global cyber outage has wreaked havoc on various industries, including airlines, hospitals, banks, and media organizations. The disruption is believed to be caused by a faulty update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, which affected Microsoft Windows systems. Flights were grounded, hospitals had to cancel surgeries, and businesses faced significant disruptions. Major airports such as London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol, and Singapore Changi were affected, leading to delays and cancellations. Media outlets like ABC and Sky News experienced sudden shutdowns, and financial markets, including the London Stock Exchange, were impacted. The outage also had worldwide repercussions, with countries like the US, Australia, India, and France reporting widespread issues. While the exact extent of the damage and financial impact is yet to be determined, experts suggest that the interdependence of tech systems and the concentration of software providers are contributing factors. Despite initial fears of a cyberattack, authorities in the UK and France do not believe one was involved. Efforts are underway to resolve the issue, but the incident highlights the vulnerabilities and potential risks associated with such massive tech outages.
19. Juli 2024 um 13:28

Heated Exchange Between Union and FDP over von der Leyen's Re-election

The re-election of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has sparked a heated exchange between the Union and the FDP. CDU leader Friedrich Merz criticized the FDP for not supporting von der Leyen's re-election, while FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann defended the party's decision. Strack-Zimmermann accused von der Leyen of not addressing the FDP's concerns and criticized her team for trying to contact her during the vote. The FDP's decision angered the Union and the EPP, with both Merz and EPP leader Manfred Weber criticizing the party. Trust between the EPP and the FDP appears to be damaged, and there are threats of retaliation. Despite the FDP's opposition, von der Leyen was re-elected with a strong majority. The vote also highlighted divisions within other parties, with some Czech MEPs reluctantly supporting von der Leyen and Italy's Giorgia Meloni voting against her. Overall, the re-election of von der Leyen has caused tension and disagreement among political parties in Europe.
19. Juli 2024 um 13:28

Scholz Travels to Serbia - EU Agreement for Lithium on the Table

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and EU Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic meet with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to discuss a future EU agreement for sourcing lithium and related materials from Serbia. The Serbian government and multiple companies intend to sign a memorandum of understanding. The decision to exploit significant lithium deposits in Serbia has been controversial due to environmental concerns, with opposition from environmentalists and local residents. Meanwhile, China has expressed interest in a raw material partnership with Serbia. Chancellor Scholz praises Serbia's decision to extract lithium for electric vehicles, highlighting the potential for job creation, prosperity, and value addition in Serbia. The EU and Serbia sign an agreement to collaborate on lithium extraction in the Jadar Valley, aiming to establish a value chain for electromobility. The project faces opposition from environmentalists who raise concerns about groundwater pollution. Despite this, the Serbian government is committed to the project, and China's bid for lithium mining in Serbia has been rejected. Chancellor Scholz also pledges support for environmental protection and the establishment of the value chain. The agreement aims to reduce Europe's dependence on lithium imports from China, and Germany offers its expertise and experience to assist with the project.
19. Juli 2024 um 09:00

Global IT Outage: Airports, Banks, and Shops Affected

Global IT Outage: Airports, Banks, and Shops Affected
A global IT disruption has resulted in airports, banks, and shops facing outages due to a technical malfunction and an update crashing Windows computers. The CrowdStrike service, which is meant to ensure system security, is believed to be involved. The Berlin-Brandenburg Airport is among those affected, with delays reported. Major US airlines have grounded flights, and media, financial, and telecoms sectors have also been impacted. The disruption has affected global cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike and Windows computers. Microsoft has resolved cloud service outages, and Australia's National Cyber Security Coordinator has stated that there is no evidence of a cyber security incident. Ryanair has warned of potential disruptions, and Spain has reported a computer incident at all its airports. The London Stock Exchange, broadcasters, and critical sectors have also been paralyzed by the widespread Windows outage. The recovery process is expected to be protracted, and businesses affected are encouraged to contact Tech.eu for coverage.
19. Juli 2024 um 09:00

Global IT Outage Disrupts Flights, Banks, and Businesses

Global IT Outage Disrupts Flights, Banks, and Businesses
A global IT outage wreaked havoc on major US airlines, media, financial institutions, and telecom companies. Issues were linked to CrowdStrike and Microsoft, causing disruptions in Australia, Spain, and beyond. Ryanair and several banks warned of potential disruptions. Despite reports of crashes on Microsoft's Windows operating system, no confirmed cyber security incident has been reported. The outage affected businesses worldwide, leaving airports, banks, and companies struggling to operate. The situation continues to be monitored closely as companies work to resolve the connectivity problems caused by the IT disruption.
19. Juli 2024 um 08:06

Global IT Outage Disrupts Airlines, Banks, Media, Telecoms

Global IT Outage Disrupts Airlines, Banks, Media, Telecoms
A widespread IT outage has caused disruptions in airlines, banks, supermarkets, telecoms, and media outlets across multiple countries. Australia's National Cyber Security Coordinator is investigating a technical issue related to third-party software, but there is no evidence of a cyber attack. Airports in Australia are experiencing delays, and supermarkets and media outlets are also affected. The police in New South Wales have been made aware of the situation and are advising emergency calls. IT security firm Crowdstrike is aware of reports of Microsoft Windows crashes. The outage has led to blue screen errors on Windows PCs, impacting banks, airlines, and media globally. The issue has been linked to Falcon Sensor by Crowdstrike, and Microsoft 365 services have been affected. Australian broadcasters and the cyber security coordinator have confirmed that the problem is related to third-party software. The UK train operator and Melbourne Airport have also been affected. Sky News UK has gone off air, and presenter Jacquie Beltrao has reported issues. Earlier, US airlines were grounded due to a separate cloud outage. Various sectors, including banks, brokerage houses, and airlines, are facing widespread outages caused by Windows errors like the 'blue screen of death'. Some businesses, such as Australian energy company AGL, have blamed a CrowdStrike update for the issues. The global IT outage has affected airlines, banks, and other systems, with Aena, Iberia, and other organizations resorting to manual systems. The Berlin airport, BER, was forced to suspend operations due to the IT failure, while worldwide disruptions have been reported on major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
17. Juli 2024 um 23:55

Federal Cabinet decides on draft budget for 2025 and financial planning

The Federal Cabinet has decided on the government's draft budget for 2025 and the medium-term financial planning until 2028. The budget includes record investments, a shift in the economy, tax relief, and improvements for families. However, there are cuts in development cooperation and humanitarian aid, as well as billion-dollar gaps in the budget. A supplementary budget for 2024 has also been approved. The budget prioritizes investments in security, education, infrastructure, and innovation. The Cabinet has also discussed various health policy topics proposed by the Federal Minister of Health. The budget will be sent to the Bundestag with 480.6 billion euros in expenses and 43.8 billion euros in new debt. The Cabinet has also approved a growth initiative and a supplementary budget for 2024 with higher expenses and new debt. The budget aims to provide tax relief of 23 billion euros and improvements for families. However, there are concerns about fairness, with cuts in development cooperation and inadequate defense funding. There are still some unanswered questions about the budget, and further clarifications will be made by the Cabinet in mid-August before it is forwarded to the Bundestag and Bundesrat for approval.
17. Juli 2024 um 23:55

Steinmeier pays tribute to Merkel's achievements on the occasion of her 70th birthday

Steinmeier pays tribute to Merkel's achievements on the occasion of her 70th birthday
Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier praised Angela Merkel's achievements as she turns 70. He highlighted her role in shaping a united Germany and commended her resilience, sense of duty, and humanity. The SPD leader, Saskia Esken, admired Merkel's empathy and ability to seek common ground. However, Union parliamentary group deputy leader Jens Spahn criticized Merkel's handling of mass migration, her ties with Russia, and the decision to phase out nuclear power. A YouGov poll indicated that 61% of respondents believed Germany had worsened since Merkel's tenure, with 28% attributing it to the current government's policies. Merkel, the first female German chancellor, played a pivotal role in politics and became a role model for many.
17. Juli 2024 um 19:55

'Special Opponent': Schröder Congratulates Merkel on Her 70th Birthday

'Special Opponent': Schröder Congratulates Merkel on Her 70th Birthday
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has praised Angela Merkel as a 'special political opponent' on her 70th birthday. Schröder, who narrowly lost to Merkel in the 2005 federal election, commended her northern charm and ability for irony. Merkel's successor Olaf Scholz and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also wished her well. Merkel, who led the CDU from 2000 to 2018, is celebrating her birthday privately, focusing on the upcoming release of her memoirs. In retirement, she has engaged in various cultural activities, including lectures and fictional appearances. Merkel's legacy includes her leadership during the financial crisis, refugee crisis, and COVID-19 pandemic, as well as her diplomatic relations with world leaders such as Putin and Trump. Her memoirs, co-written with her adviser, will shed light on her decision-making process and personal experiences. Despite her retirement, Merkel remains a prominent figure in literature and TV, appearing in works by László Krasznahorkai, Vladimir Sorokin, and David Safier.
17. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Defense Minister Pistorius Frustrated Over Budget Wrangling

Defense Minister Pistorius Frustrated Over Budget Wrangling
Defense Minister Pistorius, along with Inspector General Breuer, is disappointed with the proposed Bundeswehr budget increase of only 1.25 billion euros, significantly less than the demanded 6.7 billion euros. Finance Minister Lindner recognizes the urgent need for increased defense spending by 2027. Pistorius emphasizes that operational readiness, soldier equipment, ammunition procurement, spare parts, and digitization are top priorities. He warns of potential Russian attacks on NATO territories and pledges to continue advocating for a higher defense budget to address material gaps. The German government plans to reduce military aid to Ukraine from 7.48 billion euros in 2023 to 4 billion euros in 2025. The defense budget will increase by 1.3 billion euros, but Pistorius is pushing for an additional 6 billion euros. Lindner acknowledges the growing budget deficit and stresses the importance of growing the economy through structural reforms and business-friendliness. However, the projected budget gaps of 9 to 17 billion euros by 2028, along with increasing defense and welfare expenditures, pose financing challenges for Germany. Lindner remains committed to his approach and aims to lead by example in fiscal policy. The CDU-led state governments are open to easing debt regulations to accommodate greater investment volumes. Nevertheless, these short-term goals clash with the need for immediate revenue generation. The fate of Lindner's initiatives relies on the cooperation of the states. Integration into the labor market is crucial for reducing rising welfare costs, and Lindner highlights the importance of work and integration as a humanitarian obligation. However, the provision of childcare facilities falls under the purview of local and state governments, and Lindner acknowledges the need for improvement in this area.
17. Juli 2024 um 19:55

Growing Billion Dollar Gaps: Lindner Sees Money Running Out

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has presented a federal budget that reveals growing billion-dollar gaps in Germany's finances. The budget for 2025, adopted by the Federal Cabinet, shows planned expenditures of 17 billion euros that are not yet covered by revenue or loans. Lindner aims to cover at least 8 billion euros of this gap by converting subsidies to the railway and Autobahn GmbH into loans and transferring surpluses from the state bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) from the gas price brake to the federal budget. However, there will still be a shortfall of 9 billion euros, which could potentially grow to 39 billion euros by 2028. This is due to the need to meet NATO defense spending targets and increasing social spending. Lindner's solution is to stimulate economic growth through structural reforms and business-friendly policies. The budget has received criticism for its reliance on tricks and the shifting of problems to the future. The finance minister's plans have faced opposition within the coalition government, with debates about the suspension of the debt brake and disagreements over funding priorities. The budget will now be reviewed by the Bundestag and Bundesrat.
17. Juli 2024 um 15:08

Angela Merkel: Celebrating 70 Years and Acknowledging Her Political Legacy

Angela Merkel: Celebrating 70 Years and Acknowledging Her Political Legacy
As Angela Merkel celebrates her 70th birthday, she receives praise from politicians and colleagues for her impressive political career, including the reunification of Germany and the promotion of democracy in East Germany. While some criticize her decisions, Merkel's accomplishments in guiding Germany through various crises, such as the financial crisis, the refugee crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot be denied. She has left a lasting impact on Germany and Europe by providing stability and leadership. Merkel's ability to understand and empathize with others has been commended, with her talent for seeking common ground in negotiations and finding compromise. However, there are differing opinions on the state of Germany after Merkel's tenure, with a majority feeling that the country has deteriorated. Some attribute this decline to the policies of the current government under Olaf Scholz, while others blame external factors. Nevertheless, Merkel's legacy as a significant chancellor who steered Germany through unprecedented challenges remains undeniable. As she enters her retirement, Merkel chooses to focus on personal interests such as arts and culture, declining public events, and granting rare interviews. Her upcoming memoirs will provide insights into her decision-making process on crucial issues like Russia's war and energy security. Angela Merkel's tenure will be remembered as a time of significant change and stability for Germany and Europe.
17. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Cabinet decides on reform to relieve emergency services and hospitals

The German government has approved a reform to relieve emergency services and hospitals. The reform includes the creation of 'acute control centers' that will provide medical advice and direct individuals to the appropriate healthcare facility. These centers will be connected to the nationwide emergency number 112 and the telephone-based medical on-call service 116117. The reform also aims to establish 'integrated emergency centers' that will serve as central points of contact for emergencies, combining hospital emergency departments with medical practices and triage centers. The goal is to reduce unnecessary emergency visits and enhance patient care. The reform has been criticized by the Left Party, who argue that it fails to address the underfunding of emergency care in hospitals. The government emphasizes that the reform will ensure quick and quality care for patients, alleviate overcrowding in emergency departments, and improve patient management. The challenges in implementing the reform include a shortage of medical personnel and the need for better coordination between emergency services.
17. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Cabinet approves growth package for the federal budget in 2025

The cabinet has approved the federal budget for 2025, which is now going to the Bundestag for approval. The growth package includes measures to boost the weak economy, such as improvements in depreciation, research allowance, and relief for energy-intensive companies. Overtime will be tax-free, electric company cars will receive tax benefits, and incentives will be provided for foreign skilled workers. The government aims to encourage people to work more by providing tax incentives for overtime and offering bonuses for expanding working hours. There are also plans to tighten regulations for recipients of basic income support. The budget is expected to be approved by the Bundestag at the end of November. Germany is only expecting a small growth this year. The growth initiative aims to strengthen the growth potential of the German economy, with the government hoping that the measures will lead to an additional growth of around half a percentage point next year. However, economists are skeptical about whether this target can be achieved. The budget also includes measures for bureaucracy reduction, planned investments, and adjustments to income tax rates.
17. Juli 2024 um 14:59

Angela Merkel: A Reflection on her Political Legacy

Angela Merkel: A Reflection on her Political Legacy
Angela Merkel, the former German Chancellor, is celebrating her 70th birthday today. Her political career has left a significant mark on Germany and Europe, steering the country through numerous crises and challenges. Merkel's leadership during the annexation of Crimea, the war in Ukraine, the Greek and euro crises, the rise of Islamist terrorism, the refugee crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been praised for maintaining stability. There is speculation about whether Putin would have initiated the aggression against Ukraine if Merkel had remained in power. Merkel's ability to navigate European crises and tame the continent's centrifugal forces has been hailed as her greatest political achievement. With her retirement, a vacuum in Europe's political leadership has emerged, posing a growing danger. As Merkel turns 70, she is being recognized for her contributions to Germany and Europe. The Chancellor's ability to lead with stability and to balance interests and values has been commendable. While her political decisions have been subject to criticism, Merkel's commitment to her Christian values and her understanding of Germany's importance in Europe have shaped her leadership. As Germany and Europe face new challenges, Merkel's absence leaves a void that will need to be filled. Happy Birthday, Angela Merkel!
17. Juli 2024 um 11:55

Plus Initiative for Growth: Federal Cabinet Puts 2025 Budget on Track

The Federal Cabinet has put the 2025 budget on track by adopting the draft and forwarding it to the Bundestag. The budget, which includes economic policy impulses to boost growth, has been a subject of controversy within the coalition. Finance Minister Christian Lindner sees this as the start of the economic transformation. The budget includes investments of 78 billion euros, a record level, and new loans of 43.8 billion euros. The government plans to spend more than 480 billion euros next year, with a focus on reviving the economy, maintaining social benefits, and addressing international security. However, there are still some ideas that are on shaky ground. The budget resolution in the Bundestag is scheduled for the end of November. The budget includes tricks such as optimistic economic forecasts, global expenditure reductions, and the conversion of subsidies into loans to meet the debt brake. There are concerns about the financing of a potential high supplementary budget. The opposition parties and the Bundestag will have a final say on the budget. The budget has also received criticism from the CDU for not being constitutionally sound and from the Left Party for not addressing future challenges adequately.
17. Juli 2024 um 09:04

Reflecting on Angela Merkel's 70th Birthday and Her Political Legacy

Reflecting on Angela Merkel's 70th Birthday and Her Political Legacy
As Angela Merkel celebrates her 70th birthday, her achievements as the former Chancellor of Germany are being honored by her peers and scrutinized by her critics. Current Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised Merkel's impressive political career, which began with the reunification of Germany and the triumph of democracy in the East. He highlighted their regular conversations and recent meeting at a reception hosted by the Federal President. Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier also expressed his heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing Merkel's endurance, sense of duty, and humanity. However, within her own party, critical voices have emerged. Jens Spahn, the vice-leader of the Union faction, identified three significant mistakes during Merkel's chancellorship, including the handling of mass irregular migration, insufficiently adapting to Russia's actions, and the decision to support the nuclear phase-out. Meanwhile, a recent Yougov survey revealed that a majority of Germans believe that the country's conditions have deteriorated since Merkel stepped down, with some attributing this decline to the policies of the current government under Scholz. However, Merkel's crisis management skills continue to be highly regarded, with 55% of Germans considering her more crisis-proof than Scholz, according to a Forsa survey. As Merkel's political memoirs are set to be published in the fall, her legacy and the impact of her leadership will be further examined and debated.
17. Juli 2024 um 05:55

Gerhard Schröder praises Angela Merkel as 'special' political opponent

Gerhard Schröder praises Angela Merkel as 'special' political opponent
Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has praised Angela Merkel, his successor, as a 'special political opponent' on her 70th birthday. Schröder, who was defeated by Merkel in the 2005 race for the Chancellorship, commended her 'typical North German charm' and her 'ability to use irony'. Federal President Steinmeier also sees Merkel as a role model and a 'hallmark of our democracy'. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder also paid their respects. However, there was a rift between Merkel and former CSU chairman Horst Seehofer during the migration crisis. CDU politician Jens Spahn criticized Merkel's approach to dealing with Putin's Russia and nuclear energy. Despite some criticism, the majority of Germans view the Merkel era positively, with many missing her leadership. The nuclear phaseout and suspension of compulsory military service are controversial topics, with support from AfD supporters and rejection from AfD sympathizers. Overall, Merkel is seen as a better crisis manager than Scholz.
17. Juli 2024 um 05:53

Challenges and Doubts Surrounding the 2025 Federal Budget

The Federal Cabinet has approved the draft budget for 2025 and the financial planning up to 2028, after long and difficult negotiations. The budget amounts to 480.6 billion euros, with an additional supplementary budget for 2024 and new borrowing of 43.8 billion euros. However, there are legal doubts and concerns raised by CDU politician Helge Braun, Chairman of the Budget Committee, regarding the budget's feasibility. He warns of potential budget freezes and cuts in funding programs, highlighting a significant gap of 17 billion euros. Finance Minister Christian Lindner's plans to plug these gaps with a shadow budget are met with skepticism. The draft budget also faces challenges from various ministries, such as Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, who is unhappy with the allocated budget increase, and Development Minister Svenja Schulze, who expresses dissatisfaction with her budget. The budget also raises questions about the future of child basic security and the need for adjustments in defense spending. The draft budget is heavily reliant on assumptions and hope, including revenue from a growth initiative and expected decreases in spending on citizen's income. However, uncertainties remain, as the budget has yet to pass the Bundestag and Bundesrat, and there are upcoming economic figures and tax estimates that could impact budget calculations. The final approval of the budget and financial planning is expected to be a challenging process, akin to a marathon, with the last meters potentially being the toughest.
17. Juli 2024 um 00:00

The Ban on Jürgen Elsässer's 'Compact' Magazine: A Blow to Right-Wing Extremism

Jürgen Elsässer's magazine 'Compact' has been banned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, marking a significant blow to the right-wing extremist scene. Elsässer, a former leftist, has become a key player in the right-wing extremist movement, using 'Compact' as a platform to promote right-wing ideologies and conspiracy theories. The ban comes as a result of the magazine's incitement against Jews, people with a migration background, and parliamentary democracy. 'Compact' has been influential in drumming up support for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and has attracted a significant following, with reported circulation and YouTube subscribers in the tens of thousands. However, the ban does not come without risks, as it raises concerns about press freedom and the limits of free speech. Critics argue that while 'Compact' spreads hateful and extremist ideologies, a resilient rule of law must tolerate such publications. The success or failure of the ban will be crucial in determining the boundaries of press freedom and the level of tolerance for extremist viewpoints in German democracy.
16. Juli 2024 um 15:21

Germany Bans 'Compact' Magazine: A Blow Against the 'New Right'

The German government has banned the far-right Compact magazine, accusing it of inciting hatred and undermining democracy. The magazine, known for its tabloid-style articles, has been published since 2010 and has a circulation of around 40,000 copies. It is ideologically close to the AfD party and is considered a central actor in the networking of the 'New Right'. The ban includes the sale of the magazine, its website, and symbols associated with it. Compact's editor, Jürgen Elsässer, has expressed outrage at the ban, calling it an 'attack on press freedom'. The ban does not directly impact the AfD, but it deprives the right-wing fringe of the party of a platform for disseminating its content. The ban on Compact raises questions about the balance between press freedom and the need to counter right-wing extremism in Germany. This ban, while relatively rare, highlights the government's commitment to protecting democracy and combating hate speech and extremist ideologies.
16. Juli 2024 um 15:11

Recovery in German Startup Investments Signals Optimism

German startups experienced a positive trend in investments during the first half of 2024, receiving a total of 3.4 billion euros, which is a 12% increase compared to the previous year. However, the number of deals declined by 19% to 367. Notably, smaller financing rounds saw a significant decrease, while larger deals saw an increase. Berlin emerged as the top investment location, with 1.1 billion euros flowing into the city, followed by North Rhine-Westphalia with 822 million euros. Startups focusing on digital future topics are attracting investors, but profitability remains a key factor for investment decisions. Despite the recovery in investments, obtaining initial funding for young startups is becoming increasingly challenging. The positive trend in investments indicates a potential trend reversal for the German startup scene, bringing optimism for the future.
16. Juli 2024 um 09:11

Germany Bans 'Compact' Magazine: Crackdown on Right-Wing Extremism

Germany's Federal Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, has issued a ban on the right-wing extremist 'Compact' magazine, labeling it as a central mouthpiece of the right-wing extremist scene. The ban extends to Compact-Magazin GmbH and Conspect Film GmbH, with searches conducted in multiple states to secure assets and evidence. The magazine, led by editor-in-chief Jürgen Elsässer, has been accused of promoting hatred and violence against refugees, migrants, and democratic institutions. With a monthly circulation of 40,000 copies and a substantial online presence including Compact TV and an online shop, the publication's influence within the New Right scene is substantial. Raids were carried out in various locations, highlighting the magazine's anti-constitutional and combative stance. Jürgen Elsässer, the former leftist turned right-wing publisher, has been identified as a driving force behind 'Compact's' extremist narratives. The ban also encompasses the magazine's online channels, impacting over 400,000 subscribers who accessed content through platforms like iTunes. Faeser's decisive action reflects Germany's commitment to combating the spread of right-wing extremism and safeguarding democratic values in the face of incitement and radicalization.
16. Juli 2024 um 09:09

Reflecting on Angela Merkel's Chancellorship at 70: A Mix of Criticism and Praise

Reflecting on Angela Merkel's Chancellorship at 70: A Mix of Criticism and Praise
As Angela Merkel celebrates her 70th birthday, reflections on her tenure as Chancellor emerge with a mix of criticism and praise. Former Health Minister Jens Spahn offers a balanced assessment, criticizing aspects of her refugee policy, relations with Russia, and the nuclear energy phase-out, while acknowledging her reforms and economic successes. Merkel's era saw stability in the pension system, the introduction of a retirement age of 67, successful management of the financial crisis, increased research funding, and reduced youth unemployment. However, Spahn points out three significant mistakes during her leadership: irregular migration since 2015, handling of Putin's Russia, and the nuclear phase-out. SPD leader Saskia Esken praises Merkel's exceptional empathy and compromise skills, highlighting similarities in their paths to party leadership. Merkel's centrist competence and strategic positioning are credited with strengthening Germany and Europe, despite the mix of opinions on her legacy.
16. Juli 2024 um 00:01

The Impact of an Assassination Attempt: How Images Shape Trump's Campaign

Donald Trump wurde bei Schießerei auf Wahlkampfveranstaltung in Butler, Pennsylvania, verletzt
The recent failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump has sparked discussions on how the incident could influence the ongoing election campaign. Despite Trump being both a victim and a controversial figure due to his past actions, the attack has the potential to play in his favor if he strategically capitalizes on it. Images of Trump in a heroic pose post-attack are being viewed as potential poster motifs, elevating his status as a patriotic icon. While Trump's contradictory nature poses challenges, his ability to project strength and address swing voters could secure his victory. The photo capturing Trump's combative gesture has quickly become emblematic, reminiscent of iconic wartime imagery. The incident's portrayal on merchandise platforms like Etsy and Teleteeshirt highlights its political significance, even without direct involvement from the Trump campaign. As the election unfolds, the handling of this event and the associated images could significantly impact the outcome, shaping the narrative around Trump's candidacy.
15. Juli 2024 um 20:02

Federal Budget: Unveiling the Controversies and Challenges of the 2024 and 2025 Drafts

As the German government prepares to launch its budget for 2025, controversies and challenges surround the draft. Finance Minister Christian Lindner's alleged austerity measures have stirred tensions within the coalition, with accusations of broken promises and a billion-euro hole in the budget. A comparison of the figures reveals that most ministries are actually receiving more funding than originally planned, with Transport Minister Volker Wissing and Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger being the biggest winners. However, concerns remain about the financing gap and the viability of proposed measures. The draft budget aims to limit new borrowing and generate additional revenue through a growth package, but doubts persist about the adequacy of these solutions. With ongoing negotiations, the budget's fate hangs in the balance, reflecting the challenges faced by the traffic light coalition.
15. Juli 2024 um 15:14

Nancy Faeser Praises Emergency Services and the European Championship

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser expresses satisfaction with the European Championship, praising the emergency services for their role in ensuring a peaceful and successful tournament. The operation, which involved 22,000 police officers per day, resulted in over 8,300 illegal entries being registered, 1,112 arrest warrants executed, and over 100 hooligans prevented from entering. Faeser described it as the largest operation in the history of the Federal Police. The border controls, which were tightened for the tournament, are set to expire, but new controls are planned for the German-French border during the Olympics in Paris. While the FDP and Union parties are demanding an extension of the controls, Faeser criticizes this and highlights potential staff shortages for permanent controls. Despite some concerns about nationalism, the tournament was generally calm with only a few security incidents. The German team presented themselves as happy winners until the quarterfinals and then as brave losers after their defeat. The tournament provided a sense of community and Germany was seen as a good host. In the final, Spain emerged as the European football champion with a 2-1 victory against England.
15. Juli 2024 um 05:53

'Stability in the USA at risk': German politics react with disgust to Trump assassination attempt - Concern about escalation

Donald Trump wurde bei Schießerei auf Wahlkampfveranstaltung in Butler, Pennsylvania, verletzt
The attempted assassination of US presidential candidate Donald Trump has caused shock and great concern in Germany about a dangerous escalation of domestic politics in the USA. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) called the attack on Sunday 'disgusting'. Numerous other top politicians also condemned it. Foreign policy experts in the Bundestag expressed concern that the act of violence would make the important ally, the USA, more unstable and unpredictable, with implications for Germany as well. The assassination attempt is expected to influence the election outcome in the USA and could lead to further polarization and escalation, according to Union foreign policy expert Johann Wadephul (CDU). There are fears that conspiracy theories may arise, blaming President Biden for shortcomings that contributed to the attack. German politicians urged the rejection of violence in political discourse and emphasized the importance of democracy and peaceful dialogue. The attack on Trump is seen as not only an attack on him personally but also on American democracy. Experts and politicians warned of a potential spiral of violence and the need to address the growing polarization in US politics. The German government is also preparing for a possible Trump victory and the implications it may have for Germany and the EU. British politicians have also condemned the assassination attempt and expressed concerns about the rise in political violence and hate speech. The stability and political future of the USA have become a global concern, with international leaders calling for unity and a rejection of violence in political discourse.
14. Juli 2024 um 23:57

Spain's Glorious Victory: Fourth European Championship Triumph

Spain has emerged as the best European champion of all time, winning their fourth European Championship title with a thrilling 2-1 victory against England in the final. The match, held at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, showcased the exceptional talent and resilience of the Spanish national team. Lamine Yamal, Nico Williams, and Mikel Oyarzabal played pivotal roles in Spain's triumph, with Yamal's impressive performances throughout the tournament earning him the title of the best young player. Despite facing adversity, such as Rodri's injury and the disheartening equalizer by England's Cole Palmer, Spain demonstrated their unwavering faith and determination. Dani Olmo's crucial defensive header in the final minutes denied England a dramatic late equalizer, sealing Spain's victory. The Spanish press celebrates their record European championship, while England, still waiting for their first major trophy since 1966, experiences the agony of defeat. Spain's triumph signifies the beginning of another era to dream of, with young talents like Yamal leading the way. Spain's victory is a testament to their cohesive gameplay and the exceptional abilities of players like Dani Carvajal and Laporte, who displayed exceptional performances throughout the tournament. With this triumph, Spain solidifies their position as the most successful national team in the history of the European Championships.
14. Juli 2024 um 23:16

Challenges in Rail Traffic Management During European Football Championship

During the European Football Championship, rail traffic faced significant challenges, with delays, overcrowded platforms, and canceled connections becoming common occurrences. To cope with the surge in travelers, Deutsche Bahn had to utilize its entire ICE fleet and operate extra special trains. The existing infrastructure was deemed outdated and overloaded, prompting the commencement of a comprehensive renovation program for key routes. Aiming for a punctuality rate of 80 percent by 2030, the railway assures improvements in service reliability. Despite the record 11 million additional travelers and visitors during the championship, issues such as outdated infrastructure and flood damage impacted operations. Transport Minister Volker Wissing criticized Deutsche Bahn for overstretching itself, citing network overload during extreme weather events. The planned renovation of 41 heavily used corridors raises concerns about achieving targets by 2031, with doubts on the feasibility and capacity planning. The construction industry questions the timely completion of corridor renovations and suggests extending the project timeline for better implementation.
14. Juli 2024 um 22:52

Merz and Söder Hint at Chancellorship Candidacy in ARD Summer Interview

During their ARD summer interviews, CDU leader Friedrich Merz and CSU leader Markus Söder hinted at potential chancellorship candidacies, with Söder displaying clear ambitions while Merz remained more reserved. Merz defended his controversial Eurofighter flight, stating that the costs would have been incurred regardless as it was a routine Air Force flight. Additionally, Merz expressed support for delivering fighter jets to Ukraine to help them regain control of their airspace. Söder discussed repatriations to Afghanistan and proposed a possible third-country regulation. Both leaders emphasized the need for the Union to address frustrated AfD voters in the upcoming federal election and develop clear policies on migration and the economy. Merz criticized the lack of communication regarding US weapon systems deployment in Germany by the traffic light government and called for budget savings rather than additional special funds for defense spending. Overall, the interviews shed light on the leaders' stances on crucial issues and hinted at potential political strategies leading up to the elections.
13. Juli 2024 um 15:00

Security Concerns Amidst Threats: Protecting the Rheinmetall CEO and Europe's Response

Armin Papperger, CEO Rheinmetall
The recent reports of a planned attack on the CEO of German arms company Rheinmetall have sparked outrage and calls for consequences. According to CNN, the US intelligence agencies informed German authorities about the attack plans, which were fortunately foiled. Western intelligence agencies have been monitoring suspicious travels of suspected agents from former Soviet Union countries, including Russia. While some have been near the Rheinmetall headquarters in Düsseldorf, others were observed at destinations visited by the CEO. The Kremlin denied the allegations, dismissing them as fake news. This incident has prompted calls for strengthening German intelligence services to rely less on information from the US and other allies. The German government believes that they are well-prepared to handle threats from Russia. However, political leaders are demanding action, including potential expulsion of diplomats and international arrest warrants. Germany remains committed to supporting Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression and will not be intimidated by Moscow. In response to the planned deployment of US long-range missiles in Germany, the Kremlin has warned that European capitals could become targets of Russian missiles, labeling it as a provocation. This escalation underscores the heightened security concerns and the need for a collective and resolute response from European and international partners.
13. Juli 2024 um 09:01

Post-NATO Summit Communication: USA-Russia Defense Talks and Ukraine's Diplomatic Efforts

Following the NATO summit, the defense ministers of the USA and Russia engaged in a phone conversation to address the risk reduction of potential escalations. The USA aims to deploy weapon systems in Germany by 2026, extending their reach towards Russia. Concurrently, Ukrainian President Selenskyy is in the USA advocating for increased support for his nation. Amidst these developments, the U.S. Defense Secretary spoke with the Russian counterpart, emphasizing the importance of ongoing communication amidst the Ukraine conflict. NATO, post-summit, has pledged enhanced support for Ukraine and aims to bolster defense capabilities while also preparing for potential shifts in US leadership that could impact NATO's strategies and operations.
12. Juli 2024 um 20:03

Lufthansa's Profit Forecast Slashed Due to Passenger Business Woes

Lufthansa's Profit Forecast Slashed Due to Passenger Business Woes
Lufthansa is facing a significant reduction in its profit forecast for 2023, with adjusted earnings expected to be 1.4 to 1.8 billion euros instead of the initial 2.2 billion euros. The airline giant experienced a more than one-third decrease in profit in the second quarter, primarily attributed to challenges in the passenger business sector. In response, Lufthansa is implementing a comprehensive turnaround program to address these issues. Despite the profit warning, investors remained relatively unfazed, possibly due to the anticipated impact already reflected in Lufthansa's recent share price fluctuations. The company is now focusing on cost-cutting measures, as it grapples with the normalization of ticket prices and decreased business travel post-COVID-19, aiming to improve its operating result amid challenging market conditions.
12. Juli 2024 um 20:02

Helsing's €450M Series C Funding Boost for AI Defense Innovation

German defense AI company, Helsing, has secured €450 million in Series C financing, elevating its valuation to 4.5 billion euros. With a focus on military technologies and bolstering European sovereignty, Helsing's recent funding will fuel product development and R&D efforts. The company's strategic presence in Ukraine, government contracts for defense projects like the Eurofighter Electronic Warfare upgrade, and initiatives targeting NATO Eastern Flank protection mark its crucial role in the defense tech sector. The investment aims to fortify Helsing's AI capabilities, particularly in safeguarding Baltic states, amid escalating regional security concerns.
12. Juli 2024 um 20:00

Russian Plot Unveiled: Rheinmetall CEO Targeted in Alleged Assassination Attempt

Armin Papperger, CEO Rheinmetall
A recent report by US broadcaster CNN revealed a chilling revelation - the Russian government had allegedly orchestrated an assassination attempt on Armin Papperger, the CEO of Rheinmetall. Fortunately, swift intervention from US and German authorities averted the looming threat, part of a broader scheme targeting European defense executives supporting Ukraine. While Russia dismisses these claims as 'fake news,' the seriousness of the situation is underscored by Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock as a stark example of Russia's 'hybrid war of aggression.' The heightened tensions are further exacerbated as Rheinmetall, a key player in defense manufacturing, plans to supply Ukraine with military vehicles amidst escalating conflict. As the world watches this unfolding drama, the episode serves as a stark reminder of the geopolitical complexities and risks faced by the defense industry in an increasingly volatile landscape.
12. Juli 2024 um 07:00

Habeck's Potential as the Green Party's Chancellor Candidate

Robert Habeck
After Annalena Baerbock's decision to step down as the Green Party's candidate for chancellor, attention now turns to the ambitions of Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck. Green Party parliamentary leader Katharina Dröge expressed confidence in Habeck's abilities and stated that he must decide for himself if he wants to pursue the candidacy. Habeck's recent statements indicate that further decisions regarding the chancellor candidacy will be made by the Green Party's federal board. While some members of the party express expectations that Habeck will play a crucial role in the upcoming election, others have doubts about his ability to unite the party. Despite the challenges, Habeck's potential as the Green Party's chancellor candidate remains uncertain, especially considering the party's declining support in polls and the reluctance of other parties to form a coalition under a Green chancellor.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:58

Germany Implements Phased Ban on Huawei from 5G Networks

Huawei Technologies Headquarter, Boulogne-Billancourt
The German federal government, in collaboration with mobile network operators, has finalized an agreement to gradually eliminate Chinese 5G technology, particularly from providers like Huawei, by 2029. This decision entails the removal of critical components of Chinese origin from core networks by 2026 and the subsequent elimination of Chinese software from antenna and access networks. Despite initial resistance and criticism, the ban on Huawei and ZTE components in the 5G network aims to bolster national security and enhance the resilience of the telecommunications infrastructure. The move reflects a broader trend in Europe to safeguard critical networks, with Germany following suit in response to security concerns. While some stakeholders view the transition timelines as lengthy, the phased approach signals a strategic shift towards a more secure and domestically controlled 5G ecosystem. The decision has already prompted reactions from industry players and political figures, showcasing a mix of support and reservations regarding the implementation details.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:49

Alleged Russian Assassination Plans Spark Outrage and Concern in Germany

Armin Papperger, CEO Rheinmetall
The recent revelation of alleged Russian assassination plans targeting Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger has sparked outrage and deep concern in Germany and beyond. Reports from CNN and US intelligence agencies have shed light on Russia's purported plot to eliminate Papperger due to the company's support for Ukraine by providing weapons. This assassination plan, described as a significant escalation in Russia's hybrid warfare tactics, has prompted strong condemnation from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other politicians. The thwarting of the attack by the USA and Germany, as well as the subsequent increase in security measures for Papperger, highlights the gravity of the situation. Furthermore, the discovery that Russia had planned a series of murders targeting European defense industry executives supporting Ukraine underscores the extent of the threat. The incident has put a spotlight on the complex dynamics of the conflict in Ukraine and the lengths to which Russia may go in its aggressive tactics. As details continue to emerge, the focus remains on ensuring the safety of individuals at risk and addressing the broader implications of such targeted attacks on international security and stability.
12. Juli 2024 um 06:46

Lindner Stands Firm on Defense Budget Amid Criticism

Lindner Stands Firm on Defense Budget Amid Criticism
Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has dismissed criticism of the planned defense budget for the upcoming year and remains unwilling to increase it despite significant backlash. Lindner defended the government's proposal, stating that the defense expenditures were agreed upon with Chancellor Scholz himself and surpass the NATO target of two percent of the economic output with a planned increase to 53 billion euros. He emphasized that Germany's defense spending already exceeds that of other G7 nations like France and Italy. While a further budget growth is planned for the upcoming years, Lindner highlighted that the final decision lies with the Bundestag. Additionally, he urged Defense Minister Boris Pistorius to use the funds more efficiently, stressing the importance of maximizing security and capabilities for the Bundeswehr per euro of taxpayer money. The compromise for next year's state budget, agreed upon by the 'traffic light coalition,' allocates a smaller defense budget than Pistorius had requested, leading to dissatisfaction from the Defense Minister. Despite the lower initial allocation, the defense budget is set to increase to around 80 billion euros by 2028. Pistorius expressed concerns over the reduced funding hampering necessary adjustments in line with current threats and the evolving security landscape. The criticism extends beyond the political spectrum to include discontent from the Bundeswehr and parliamentary factions. While Pistorius remains optimistic about potential alterations, Lindner's stance signals a firm position on the defense budget amidst ongoing debates.
11. Juli 2024 um 14:38

Deployment of US Missiles in Germany: A Deterrent That Startles

Verteidigungsminister Pistorius begrüßt die geplante Stationierung von US-Langstreckenwaffen in Deutschland ab 2026
The planned deployment of US long-range weapons in Germany is causing irritation. The Greens are demanding an explanation from the Chancellor, the Left Party and the BSW are warning of an arms race. The SPD and CDU welcome the plans as a deterrent against Russia. Defense Minister Pistorius sees this as a 'mandate' for Germany to invest in the development and procurement of such weapons to close a 'capability gap' in Europe. For the first time since the Cold War, US weapon systems with a range of significantly more than 2,000 kilometers are to be stationed in Germany, including Tomahawk cruise missiles, SM-6 air defense missiles and new hypersonic weapons. The weapons are initially to be stationed on a rotational basis and later permanently in Germany. The plans to deploy US long-range missiles in Germany have raised concerns about a new arms race. While Defense Minister Pistorius welcomes the plans, politicians from the SPD, Greens and Left Party criticize the decision as dangerous and demand a better explanation from Chancellor Scholz. The deployment is intended to be temporary, until Germany and Europe can develop their own long-range missiles. The Greens are demanding an explanation from Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the background and financial aspects of the planned deployment of US long-range weapons in Germany. They criticize that Scholz has not commented on this so far, although a clear classification is urgently needed. The Left warns of a new arms race and sees the deployment as problematic, as it increases the risk of Germany itself becoming a theater of war. The plans to station US long-range weapons in Germany are met with a divided echo. While Defense Minister Pistorius welcomes the plans, the Greens criticize that Chancellor Scholz has not sufficiently explained the decision. The opposition sees the stationing as a danger to peace and warns of a new arms race. The USA announced that they will be stationing long-range weapons in Germany again for the first time since the 1990s starting in 2026. These are intended to deter Russia and defend the NATO alliance territory. Critics see this as a relapse into the Cold War and fear a risky arms race. Russia is preparing military countermeasures in response to the planned American deployment of longer-range missiles in Germany. The Russian deputy foreign minister stated that the U.S. move is 'destructive to regional safety and strategic stability' and that Russia will develop a military response. Defense Minister Pistorius welcomes the planned stationing of US long-range weapons in Germany from 2026. He sees this as a mandate for Germany to invest in such weapons itself in order to strengthen Europe's defense capabilities. The weapons are intended to serve as a deterrent against Russia. The Green Party faction leader Katharina Dröge welcomes the NATO decisions to station far-reaching US weapons in Germany. However, she demands a public explanation from Chancellor Scholz in order to address the concerns of the population. Russia has threatened to retaliate militarily if the US deploys long-range missiles to Germany. The US plans to deploy Tomahawk cruise missiles, SM-6 missiles, and hypersonic missiles to Germany starting in 2026 as part of its commitment to NATO and European security. Defense Minister Pistorius is confident that the United States will continue the deployment of long-range weapons in Germany even under a possible US President Donald Trump. He sees this as an important capability gap in Europe that needs to be closed. Pistorius emphasizes that the deployment of US weapons calls on Germany and other European countries to invest in the development and procurement of such weapons themselves.
11. Juli 2024 um 00:06

Annalena Baerbock's Decision to Forgo Chancellorship Garners Praise and Sets Stage for Party Succession

Annalena Baerbock
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock of the Greens has announced that she will not pursue another candidacy for chancellor in the upcoming federal election, opting to focus on her role as Foreign Minister. This move has been met with admiration and commendation from within her party, with fellow Green politicians lauding her dedication to foreign policy amidst global crises. Notably, her co-party leader, Robert Habeck, refrained from commenting on his own chancellor ambitions, hinting at a potential leadership succession. Baerbock's decision not only earned accolades internally but also garnered positive responses from political rivals, acknowledging her sense of responsibility and commitment. By relinquishing her chancellor aspirations, Baerbock is streamlining the path for Habeck to potentially lead the Greens in the upcoming election, necessitating a cohesive party strategy, especially in light of impending state elections. This pivotal announcement, made during an interview with CNN, underscores Baerbock's prioritization of diplomatic efforts and trust-building in turbulent times, signaling a shift in the Green party's leadership landscape. As the party gears up for the electoral battle, the spotlight now shines on Habeck and the need for strategic unity to navigate the political terrain effectively.
10. Juli 2024 um 20:03

German Government and Mobile Operators Reach Agreement to Phase Out Chinese Suppliers from 5G Networks

Following extensive negotiations, the German federal government and mobile network operators have reached a consensus to partially ban Chinese 5G technology. The agreement mandates the removal of critical components of Chinese origin from core networks by 2026 and the elimination of Chinese software from antenna and access networks by 2029. Despite concerns about Chinese market dominance in the German 5G network, the compromise falls short of earlier demands, with no large-scale dismantling obligations imposed. The decision also includes contractual penalties for non-compliance and emphasizes the need for open interfaces to ensure network security. The move aims to safeguard the 5G infrastructure from potential security risks and reduce dependencies on Chinese providers, reflecting ongoing global efforts to secure critical telecommunications networks.
10. Juli 2024 um 20:00

AI-Driven Entrepreneurial Surge in Germany

In Germany, there has been a notable resurgence in start-up formations, with 1,384 new young companies established in the first half of 2024, marking a 15% increase from the previous period. The software sector, fueled by the growing digitalization and adoption of artificial intelligence, stands out as a key driver of this trend. Notably, smaller cities like Aachen, Darmstadt, and Heidelberg are also witnessing a rise in start-up activity. While sectors like online retail are thriving, industries such as food and medicine are experiencing stagnation. Concurrently, the widespread integration of AI in companies is leading to job reorientations for millions of employees, particularly in retail, banking, and insurance, necessitating a shift in professional focus. Despite these changes, there is optimism regarding AI's potential to streamline work processes in critical sectors like health, education, and caregiving.
10. Juli 2024 um 00:06

'Not fair and not just': Outrage over tax breaks for foreign skilled workers

The traffic light coalition's plans for tax breaks for foreign skilled workers in Germany are causing widespread criticism. Various politicians, including SPD politicians Petra Köpping and Georg Maier, as well as Green politician Beate Müller-Gemmeke, express concerns about the unfairness of the proposal and the preferential treatment of foreigners over Germans. Labor Minister Hubertus Heil also doubts the effectiveness of tax breaks and emphasizes the need to focus on reducing bureaucratic hurdles and improving professional recognition. The opposition criticizes the plans as discriminatory and demands tax cuts for all Germans. However, some experts and associations defend or call for further incentives. The shortage of skilled workers in Germany is a pressing issue, but the proposed tax breaks are viewed as controversial and potentially violating the principle of equal treatment.
9. Juli 2024 um 05:52

NATO Summit Addresses Ukraine War Crisis Amid Budget and Alliance Concerns

NATO Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium
As the NATO summit approaches, President Biden announces support for Kyiv, focusing on strengthening Ukraine's air defense. Criticism arises towards the German government for not prioritizing Bundeswehr adequately, prompting calls from the Greens and FDP to increase defense spending. Biden condemns Russia's 'brutality' following deadly airstrikes in Kyiv, urging NATO allies to reinforce Ukraine's defense capabilities. Disagreements emerge within NATO on Ukraine's path to membership, with Germany and the US cautious due to fears of escalating the conflict. Amid concerns over Trump's policies and Biden's future, uncertainty looms over the summit's aim to demonstrate NATO's unity and strength in the face of the ongoing Ukraine crisis.
8. Juli 2024 um 20:06

Delivery Hero Faces Potential Increase in EU Antitrust Fine to €400 Million

Delivery Hero Faces Potential Increase in EU Antitrust Fine to €400 Million
Delivery Hero, the Berlin-based food delivery giant, is bracing for a substantial rise in its EU antitrust fine, potentially exceeding €400 million, contrary to the initial estimate of €186 million. The European Commission accuses the company of engaging in anti-competitive practices such as market division and sharing sensitive information. Following unannounced raids on its offices, Delivery Hero has had to restructure its financial management, including the departure of CFO Emmanuel Thomassin. Consequently, investors reacted negatively to the news, causing a significant drop in the company's share price, although there was a partial recovery post-disclosure of the increased provision by Delivery Hero.
8. Juli 2024 um 06:19

June sizzles to 13th straight monthly heat record. String may end soon, but dangerous heat won't

June sizzles to 13th straight monthly heat record. String may end soon, but dangerous heat won't
The scorching trend of record-breaking heat continued in June 2024, marking the 13th consecutive month of global temperature records. While there is a possibility that this streak might soon come to an end, the severe climate disruptions caused by the prolonged heatwave are set to persist. The escalating heat levels have intensified extreme weather events like floods, storms, droughts, and heatwaves, disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities. Despite the hope for a break in the streak, the underlying issue of climate change demands urgent action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and prevent further escalation of global temperatures beyond the critical 1.5-degree Celsius threshold.
7. Juli 2024 um 20:01

Erdogan's Controversial Visit and the 'Wolf Salute' at the European Championship

Merih Demiral zeigt den umstrittenen "Wolfsgruß"
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a short visit to Germany for the European Championship quarter-final match between Turkey and the Netherlands. His visit was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the 'wolf salute' displayed by Turkish national player Merih Demiral in the previous round. The gesture, associated with the right-wing Turkish movement of the Grey Wolves, is under observation in Germany. The match itself was marred by mass wolf salute gestures from Turkish fans, drawing criticism from experts and the Kurdish Community in Germany. Despite the controversy, President Erdogan praised the Turkish team's performance after their elimination, calling them 'champions' and expressing confidence in their future. The Green politician Konstantin von Notz called for a ban on the Grey Wolves organization, classified as right-wing extremist, due to the mass display of the wolf salute during the match. Overall, the incident highlighted the intersection of politics and sports at the European Championship.
7. Juli 2024 um 00:00

David Lammy's Diplomatic Agenda as British Foreign Minister

David Lammy, the newly appointed British Foreign Minister under Prime Minister Keir Starmer's government, has embarked on a diplomatic agenda focused on improving relations with the EU and fostering closer cooperation in various sectors. Lammy visited Germany as his first official trip, signaling a desire to restart relations with Europe and deepen collaboration in areas such as security, defense, energy, and climate change. Amidst global turmoil, Lammy faces key concerns including conflicts in Ukraine, shifts in US politics affecting arms flow to Europe, Labour's stance on international issues, and the imperative of building diplomatic ties with Europe and the US. The Foreign Minister emphasizes the need for the UK to reconnect with a divided world, highlighting plans to reset relationships with Europe and extend outreach to countries in the global south to counterbalance rising influences. Lammy's diplomatic efforts aim to offer trade and diplomatic opportunities to prevent other nations from gaining undue influence, marking a significant moment in his political career.
6. Juli 2024 um 06:20

Traffic Light Coalition Reaches Agreement on Budget and Stimulus Package for 2025 Election Year

Olaf Scholz, Bundeskanzler
After months of debate, Germany's traffic light coalition has successfully reached an agreement on key points for the 2025 federal budget and a stimulus package. Chancellor Olaf Scholz views this as pivotal for the government's work until the upcoming federal election. The budget includes record investments, tax cuts, and compliance with the debt brake, aiming to boost economic growth and employment. Despite some reservations from the German industry and criticism from the Jusos youth organization, the coalition stands united, emphasizing stability amidst rising far-right forces in Germany and Europe. Social associations, however, express concerns over the prioritization of the debt brake over social investments, calling for more support for those in need and improvements in social services.
5. Juli 2024 um 20:03

The Salute of the Gray Wolf by Turkish Footballer Demiral Strains Relations Between Germany and Turkey

Merih Demiral zeigt den umstrittenen "Wolfsgruß"
A right-wing gesture by Turkish footballer Merih Demiral during a match has sparked diplomatic tensions between Germany and Turkey. The incident led to government officials summoning ambassadors, with Erdogan altering his plans to attend a match in Berlin. German ministers criticized the gesture, while Ankara defended it, deepening the conflict between these NATO partners with a complex history. Germany, hosting a significant Turkish diaspora, is on alert, as its intelligence services monitor sympathizers of the extreme right-wing group, the Gray Wolves. The 'wolf salute', a symbol of Turkish far-right nationalism, has become the focal point of this political affair, with calls for bans on the group intensifying. This incident highlights the delicate balance between sport, politics, and nationalism, creating ripples in international relations and posing challenges for both countries.
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Federal Budget 2025: Key Points and Controversies

The federal budget for 2025, negotiated by the traffic light coalition, includes record investments, debt compliance, and relief for citizens. However, uncertainties remain around long-term NATO financing and conflicts over the debt brake. The budget has a preliminary compromise, but it is fraught with uncertainties. The coalition aims to promote economic growth, climate protection, and child support, but the expected effects may be limited. The defense budget is a contentious issue, with calls for increased funding. The budget also includes plans to increase child benefit and improve daycare centers. The government aims to meet the debt brake and has abandoned plans for savings on the Autobahn funds. Overall, the budget reflects a delicate balance between different priorities and interests within the coalition.
5. Juli 2024 um 15:12

Household Dispute: Olaf Scholz, Robert Habeck and Christian Lindner Agree on Federal Budget 2025

Olaf Scholz, Bundeskanzler
After difficult negotiations, the traffic light coalition, consisting of the Social Democrats, Free Democratic Party, and Greens, has reached an agreement on the federal budget for 2025. The budget includes compliance with the debt brake, a growth package, and various measures to stimulate the economy. The agreement was announced at a press conference with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, and Finance Minister Christian Lindner. However, there are still debates and criticism surrounding the debt brake and defense spending. The budget is set to be approved by the cabinet before the summer break.
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Goal Celebration Scandal: Turkish Ambassador Summoned, Erdogan to Visit Quarter-Finals

Merih Demiral zeigt den umstrittenen "Wolfsgruß"
The goal celebration scandal involving Turkish football player Merih Demiral has caused diplomatic tensions between Germany and Turkey. After Demiral displayed the controversial 'wolf salute' during a match, the Turkish ambassador was summoned by the Federal Foreign Office. German politicians and ministers criticized the gesture, which is associated with the right-wing Turkish organization Grey Wolves. Despite the controversy, Turkish President Erdogan announced his visit to the quarter-finals of the European Championship in Berlin. The planned visit has caused discontent among German foreign policy makers, who believe it undermines the integration of the Turkish-German community. The incident has strained relations between Germany and Turkey, both NATO partners with a tense history. The debate surrounding the wolf salute and other incidents of right-wing extremism at the Euro 2020 tournament highlight the rise of nationalism and extremism in society.
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Federal Budget 2025: Traffic Light Coalition Agreement Boosts Economic Growth in Germany

Olaf Scholz, Bundeskanzler
After lengthy negotiations, the traffic light coalition in Germany has finally reached an agreement on the federal budget for 2025 and a growth package. This significant breakthrough, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Finance Minister Christian Lindner, and Economics Minister Robert Habeck, aims to stimulate the economy and ensure compliance with the debt brake. The coalition plans to implement a 'growth turbo' and encourage private investment to revitalize the German economy. Despite initial differences, the coalition partners have come together to prioritize economic development and financial stability. The agreement, which spans up to 2028, includes provisions for adhering to the debt brake in both the short and medium term. The successful negotiations signal a harmonious effort within the traffic light government to address budget disputes and promote growth, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and compromise in decision-making processes.
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Diplomatic Tensions Rise Over 'Grey Wolves' Salute in Football Euro Cup

The controversial 'Grey Wolves' salute by Turkish football player Merih Demiral during the Euro Cup has sparked a diplomatic dispute between Germany and Turkey. German and Turkish ambassadors have been summoned in response to the right-wing extremist gesture, causing escalating tensions. Calls for banning the 'Grey Wolves' symbol in Germany have emerged, as both countries navigate the fallout of the goal celebration incident. Turkish President Erdogan's visit to Berlin for the quarterfinals adds a new dimension to the ongoing diplomatic strain.
3. Juli 2024 um 09:02

Challenges and Triumphs: Tesla's Q2 Vehicle Deliveries and the EV Market Landscape

Challenges and Triumphs: Tesla's Q2 Vehicle Deliveries and the EV Market Landscape
Tesla faced a decline in production and deliveries for the second consecutive quarter, reflecting ongoing demand challenges amidst increasing competition from traditional automakers in the electric vehicle sector. Despite a drop in deliveries compared to the previous year, Tesla's Q2 figures surpassed Wall Street forecasts, leading to a stock price increase. While Tesla remains the top pure EV maker globally, Chinese manufacturers like BYD are closing in with more affordable models. In the US, new-vehicle sales in Q2 barely rose as high prices deterred buyers, prompting expectations of price drops and potential interest-rate cuts to stimulate the market.


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